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Amazing Restoration of 30 Ton Hydraulic Jack | How to repair hydraulic jack

Amazing Restoration of 30 Ton Hydraulic Jack | How to repair hydraulic jack


(1) How to repair hydraulic jack
(2) Restoration and repairing of hydraulic jack
(3) Amazing Restoration Of 30 Ton Hydraulic

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  1. Это реально п.здец😅

  2. Wow. 3rd world problems I see. Can restore a damn bottle jack to new like, yet they live in a shit hole working in a mud puddle on the floor. How about build some infrastructure? Maybe a work bench to start? Morons!

  3. The paint won’t stay on his hand, he should have primed first

  4. O cara que pintou de vermelho foi muito profissional, 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I am amazed how he can work squatting on the floor. I would have to have a work bench

  6. Es increíble la cantidad de suciedad que es capaz de acumular. En India el COVID lleva mascarilla…

  7. That hurts my knees just watching it. Someone buy that man a work bench!

  8. Dziękuję za pokaz
    Teraz sam naprawię swój podnośnik. Pozdrawiam cię z Polski przyjacielu👋

  9. लोकेशन क्या हम नया जैक लाये थे वो वेट उठा ही नहीं रहा क्या करे

  10. Kya isko Pani me chalaa sakte ha.

  11. Buenos artesanos, pero como limpien con gasolina la piel la absorbe y pasa torrente sanguíneo y enfermarán jóvenes irreversible

  12. Repair jack only 2 3 week work after no work money weast😂😂😂

  13. May I know the nationality of repairman Sir/ Ma'am.

  14. A happy man doing what he knows best

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