Driving And Rates Around The World (Insurance Rates)

You might have already found it strange that people drive on one side of the road and not on the other. But there are stranger rules about driving and the general use of highways and roads that might get you so confused you may wonder what type of vehicle insurance rates you may need from your car insurance company when driving outside of the United States.

If you plan on going on a trip outside of the country you want to call your insurance company to be sure of the regulations for that country you are going too. One of the reasons is for strange traffic laws in any particular country.

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Here are one or two unique traffic laws around the world that may entertain or surprise you and could raise insurance when you compare auto insurance rates if you violate them.

For instance, in Finland, you may not want to ask your taxi driver to switch on the radio while you are being transported unless you leave a good tip. In Finland, songs played on taxis through radios are covered by copyright laws and drivers are required to pay for their use.

In Denmark, drivers are required to perform the routine checks before starting their car. They have to check the engine lights, steering wheels, brakes, clutch, and the tires for correct inflation. They are required to honk their horns, get out of their automobiles and check if there’s somebody beneath.

If you want to go use the restroom in public then England might be the place for you. You need to use your rear wheel in the place of a urinal. It is legal provided your right hand is placed on the car.

There are other unique traffic rules in The East, the Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean that might raise your automobile insurance rate.

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In Japan, drivers are not allowed to use the roadside for parking. In Bangkok, one-way streets change directions at specified times. Honking the horn without an excellent reason will set you back by one or two Renminbis (China’s currency) in Shanghai.

In South Korea, never make efforts to bribe the police to get out of a violation. They’re legally required to tell their highers about any bribes they might have received.

To control the heavy flow of traffic in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, local central agencies have implemented what is often known as ‘color coding.’ though the cause of coding is now lost to obscurity, the coding proscribes the utilizing of cars showing license plates that end in certain numbers for explicit week days.

If you are a lady in Saudi Arabia, you aren’t permitted to drive an automobile. You also cannot go out in an car without being accompanied by a male relative.

In Greece, you may wish to think carefully about taking your car out for a spin without checking yourself in the mirror. It is forbidden to drive if you aren’t dressed correctly and have not taken a shower before driving.

Although some of these archaic laws seem outrageous it is important to know the regulations for each country you are going to drive a vehicle in. It is as important to make sure you tell you auto insurance company which countries you will be traveling too.

Make sure to ask the insurance firm about any strange laws to be sure your current car insurance rate does not go up. Insurance companies which have to pay a claim outside of the United States know the costs can triple and take nearly twice as long to either pay the claim or get the money from a claim. Depending who was in error on the road.

There are more “rules to the road” then following the speed limit in certain countries.