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OKEx Exchange

OKEx Chain TVL soars as mainnet ecosystem expands

A progress file for OKExChain improvement in the month of July 2021
OKExChain is a public blockchain initiative advanced via OKEx that incorporates a hard and fast of open-supply chains that may be used as a platform for decentralized programs, such as decentralized exchanges. For extra designated records, take a look at out our .
OKExChain officially started the 1/3 phase of its mainnet ecological construction on July 28. In the third degree, OEC is open to all developers, and anybody can freely install projects on the chain. Within 48 hours of the 1/3 phase’s opening, the TVL on OEC chain exceeded $1.8 billion.

OKEx Chain Monthly Report in August 2021

The newly brought OKEx Wallet now supports OKExChain belongings. The pockets has built-in multi-community configurations and full EVM blockchain network help. Currently, most OKExChain ecosystem projects are supported.

The overall number of transactions on OKExChain is currently five,524,960 — an growth of 314% from the previous month. The cumulative variety of proposals is 36 and the range of foreign money-conserving addresses is 269,775 — an boom of 179% from the preceding month.

Four new ecological tasks have been introduced in July:

BoringDAO (bridge)
Vfat (dashboard)
DeFiner (lending protocol)
Bulksender (tool)
OKExChain’s Grant Hackathon — prepared via OKExChain thru HackerLink, a DoraHacks open-source developer platform — came to a a hit conclusion last month. A general of 28 taking part teams surpassed and acquired a total of $1.775 million in investment.

At present, extra than 35 tasks have joined the OKExChain surroundings.

Technical progress
Development model update
The OEC model changed into updated to v0.18.Thirteen:

Functional improvement
The archive node of the principle network has been upgraded to assist the specified peak to name the eth_call interface to obtain repute facts.
The development of the gasoline-charge recommendation characteristic has been finished.
Bug fixes
Fixed the difficulty that made contracts inaccessible because of caching problems after the settlement changed into unlocked.
Released OEC-ethers.Js bundle to make ethers.Js well matched with OEC.
Improved the stableness of the RPC provider and solved the problem of on occasion returning 502 errors whilst having access to the RPC service.
Cosmos42 version ported EVM
EVM transplanted to CM42 version.
EVM RPC related optimizations migrated to CM42 and optimization alternatives may be enabled.
For extra records about the development of OKExChain in July, please test our one-pager underneath:

Risk caution
OEC is an open-source, open decentralized public chain, and every person can freely installation tasks. From the precept of blockchain generation, OKEx cannot manage the fine of any mission on OEC, nor will it propose and be chargeable for any assignment.

There are sure risks in using any assignment on a decentralized public chain. Users want to pick out the high-quality of the assignment themselves and be accountable for their own picks in order not to cause economic losses.

Before taking part in any project on OEC, you should know:

Before the use of any mission on OEC, please affirm that you have understood all the layout behind it and are willing to take its dangers.
All users and builders can participate in OEC’s mainnet and testnet free of charge, and OEC will not price any charges.
Please make certain to distinguish between the OEC take a look at surroundings and the main community environment. All property in the check environment don’t have any value. Beware of counterfeit foreign money fraud.
In the procedure of using any OEC chain assignment, you ought to manage your private key, do now not expose your personal key to every person, and be cautious to authorize third-party initiatives.