The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade
The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son in Law Novel Chapter 3617-3618

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3617-3618


Even though he knew the family was missing, he was the main family of Ruth Child and half of the family’s money registered the disaster bag. It is absolutely impossible to help them protect themselves from disastrous frontline troubles, they are not even asked. Rethinking, George got lost. Maven seems to be killed today. But it was more than that that surprised him. Leon said on the phone, “Please tell me the phone number of young master Joseph. You can ask him directly. I’m worried that something is missing in the process of delivering this message.”

With a gentle look and a casual tone, Maven says, “Then you can call him.”

People around him heard the tone of Mavens’ voice and had questions in his mind. Didn’t the family just happen in the middle of the line of cats?

“Even if the stress of a disaster would make money for the family, and I can’t allow Maven to treat them so comfortably in the future? At this point, Joseph picked up his phone. , “Sir, what is your order?” I chose to respect.

When these words came out, everyone on the scene was beaten!

No one expected Joseph Wang, the famous head of the miserable front, to try Maven with such respect. George shouted in his heart. “this is…… Is a miserable front attached to the family of the family, or is your family adding a miserable front? Why is Joseph Maven treated so politely and with respect?

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