The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade
The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son in Law Novel Chapter 3615-3616

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3615-3616


Within minutes, a billion euros hurt her teeth, or she was able to go, because Olivia was basically the equivalent of a crochetless queen in Northern Europe.
He is only waiting for the death of the current Queen, and he can basically be crowned smoothly so that he can control the financial strength of the entire royal family.
But now the Queen is awake, in this situation, or Richard himself or Olivia, let Richard get out of a billion euros this time, as they probably no longer have the right to mobilize royal funds, it’s just It’s a stupid dream. ..

After thinking, Richard can easily say: give! “”

Maven Grom said: “So that’s only 4 billion Eh, not enough.”

After saying that, he looks at George and asks for a smile, “Old Joe, how about a few more pictures?”

George was on the verge of collapse, he said with a bitter face, “Sir. 4 billion euros is already our limit ….. Our cash supply is not very high. “

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