The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade
The Amazing Son In Law Charlie Wade

The Amazing Son in Law Novel Chapter 3613-3614

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The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3613-3614


It’s good to live in a villa. There are plenty of bathrooms so you don’t have to line up.
Maven took a bath faster, and when Abella came out of the bathroom, he finished the bath and lay down on the bed.
Avella sees Maven in a jacket and shorts lying on her back in bed. She was surprised for a moment and blew away, “Why are you sleeping in bed?”

Maven smiles and says, “Woman, didn’t you say it was done before? Should I be promoted?” Not long ago, my promotion was delayed because my mom joined MLM. Now that he is back, you have to be promoted. right? “”

“I …” Abella suddenly felt embarrassed.

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