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Low Cost Life Insurance – Term Policies

Everybody wants low cost life insurance. There are so many low cost policies to choose from it may confuse some buyers. We have taken some time to do in-depth studies and provide top carriers who offer low cost life insurance policies that would interest you.

The least costly level death benefit life insurance policies are the shorter term policies. The yearly renewable term policy is quite inexpensive initially as it really is a one year term policy. This policy offers you the opportunity to renew it each year at a higher premium. It is a low cost policy but after a while the cost can be quite prohibitive as it increases each year.

The 5 year level term life policy can also be purchased for a low premium cost. It has a level death benefit as well as a level premium for the entire 5 years.

The 10 year term policy also has a low premium. It has a level premium for 10 years and a level death benefit.

15 year level term life insurance policy can also be categorized as low cost. It boasts a level premium and a level death benefit for 15 years.

If you require a policy that lasts 20 years it begins to get more costly but it still can be categorized as low cost life insurance. It has level premiums and face amounts for 20 years.

Even the level death benefit 30 year term policy is thought of by many people as low cost life insurance. The level premium costs are higher than those of the 20 year term policies but are still reasonable.

Life Insurance Plan As Applied To Need

As you can see all these policies are term life insurance policies. The expensive policies are whole life, universal life and variants of these two. There are reasons for the high cost of these policies though.

The cost of these policies may from one company to another. Low cost life insurance policies are available online.

Burial Insurance Eases Inevitable Pain

Burial insurance is really a necessity. Have you ever taken on the responsibility of burying someone? You may have helped with the final days on this earth of a grandparent or possible a parent. This can take a lot out of you, you grieve but you also know that the actual burial must be taken care of. Burying someone can be quite expensive.

You must set up a funeral service. You need to find a preacher to officiate as well as a church if the deceased person was a member of a church. A funeral home can be used if there was no attachment to any religion.

The location has to be decorated, you need flowers, photos and a printed program for the people who come to pay their respects.

You will need a limousine to transport the relatives as well as a hearse to carry the body of the deceased.

Coffins are not cheap, you will need one if you do not intend to cremate the body. Cremation costs money. You must pay for a headstone or some marker for the grave if you use a coffin.

You may have relatives or friends coming in for the funeral. The expense is usually theirs but it would be great if you wanted to help with their costs.

A good burial insurance plan certainly would ease the pressure off the person taking care of the funeral. You can set that up with some funeral homes in advance. It usually costs much less when done years in advance.

Life insurance is often used for burial insurance. You can use an inexpensive term life policy to take care of the costs. If you figure your burial insurance costs will be about $10,000 I suggest to buy a larger policy because there are final expense costs to take care of as well.

An attorney has to be paid to take your Last Will And Testament through probate. If your estate is large you would likely have Federal Estate Taxes to pay. If there is real estate to dispose you need to find an agent to assist. Final expenses can be quite costly.