Life Insurance
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Get Life Insurance – Protect Loved Ones

Some people wait too long to get life insurance coverage. We know we should protect our families from possible disaster which would show its ugly face upon our death. We know we should buy some life insurance, but we tend to procrastinate.

Life insurance was designed mainly to protect women and children should the breadwinner die while they are dependent on him. We live in a different world today. Wives contribute as much financially to the family as men do. The fact many women contribute more than men do.

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Most women need monetary assistance from the husband. It would be unfair and unkind to leave a wife to struggle to raise the children. Men should take the time necessary to get life insurance sufficient to replace their income. At minimum they need to replace the portion they contribute for the maintenance of the household. Don’t you agree?

Life insurance is a great financial instrument. It pays the rent or mortgage upon the insureds death. It puts food on the table. It puts clothes on the backs of survivors. It allows children to continue their education without any problem. It allows your daughter to continue whichever sport she is involved in. If your son plays football or baseball he can continue. Life insurance can pay for college education for your children.

I have been in this business for a very long time and I have seen what life insurance does for the survivors. I have also seen situations where the breadwinner waited too long.

Low Cost Life Insurance – Term Policies

Procrastination can bring about real need so don’t wait, act now. Take a little time to find out how much you need then go get life insurance to protect your loved ones.

Term life insurance is fairly cheap, most people can afford some type of term policy.

Best Life Insurance – Which Policy Fits?

The best life insurance policy you will buy depends on why you need coverage. Do you need it for family protection or do you feel you should buy a policy to pay college costs in the event of your premature death? Do you have outstanding debt that you don’t want to leave for your loved ones to pay? Do you want a policy to take care of final expenses?

The need for family protection depends on the age of the youngest child, you want to protect that child’s future in case you should die too soon.

The policies used for college costs or for outstanding debt are usually short term policies. The best life insurance policies in these cases are yearly renewable term life, decreasing term life or level policies like 5 or 10 year term plans.

How about leaving something for a favorite charity? You contribute to this charity now, do you want your contributions to continue after your death. You can use any policy to cover your charity contributions, many people consider permanent plans the best life insurance policies for this.

How about using life insurance for business, do you own a business? Which is the best type of life insurance policy for your business? Do you own a sole proprietorship, should you buy a policy to fund a buy sell agreement in order that a family member can restart your business after your death?

What of a partnership or closed corporation, if you are part owner to such a business you will need to buy a policy on the lives of each partner or shareholder so you can buy out the deceased shares from his spouse if he died prematurely. What about key employee life insurance which policy is best for this?

Business people tend to use 10, 15 or 20 year term life insurance policies to meet their needs.

The best life insurance policy for any of these needs can be some sort of term life insurance policy. The one you select depends on how long you intend to keep the policy. You can also use permanent policies to fulfill these needs.