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Transmission Problems on Volkswagen and Audi: How to Fix Yourself – Fast and Easy!

Here’s a brief video describing the process on how to fix throttle, transmission, and engine hesitation on VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat vehicles built starting in the late 1990s equipped with an electronic drive-by-wire throttle. I hope this video helps resolve potential transmission issues in your vehicle, but be advised that this is not a substitute for having a professional technician resolve major internal mechanical issues in your engine or transmission if the vehicle continues to have issues after performing this procedure. Please place any questions or comments related to the video in the section below. I hope you enjoy the video!



  1. This reset is not connected to a “ gearbox malfunction- you can continue driving “ warning / error
    message ???
    Audi Q5 7 S Tronic
    Would this reset help to clear the message ( or potentially make things worse ? )

  2. This did not work on my 2012 a3 the engine light is still on after waiting 3 minutes

  3. Audi A3 40tfsi 2019 wow !!!! it works thanks 🙏

  4. Great my 2019 a4 S tonic reset helped Thanks a lot👌

  5. I got my transmission flushed on my 2017. Audi s q 5 b8.5 at eighty six thousand miles when I was supposed to get it changed at 80000 miles on the dot and sure enough. It started slipping a little bit going towards 89000 Miles. Which where I'm at right now. I tried this and it worked 100%. My transmission is not slipping anymore and now I don't have to schedule an appointment to go into the shop to hear bad news

  6. I drive a 2016 Audi A3. This saved me $3800 as I was preparing for a gearbox overhaul. I really wished I came across this video a lot sooner. But thanks anyway!

  7. Hey buddy, I just located your video after having my gear shifting wasn't doing anything, not going forward or reverse, period… the transmission was in stall. Now that I just followed your instructions and hope it removed the glitches, I don't have to take it to the dealer knowing they will break the bank. Thank you for the juicy tips. I will keep you posted. 😅😅

  8. With this work stage ie 1 tune
    On audi a5 b9

  9. You pay so much money for a car and you still have to fix it to work propperly. There is no logic to buy these crap cars at all

  10. So fancy so expensive so worse why would people buy some crap so expensive to expose their lives in the most luxurious way?

  11. Thanks for sharing this tip. Interesting when you say about how the car re-learn the driving style. Sounds like the ECU got some sort of a reset as well?

  12. Will this mess with a engine tune?

  13. i will try today i have A-5 quattro 2018 thanks bro🫡🫵🏻🫡

  14. I tried this on my A3 2015 after i was having many transmission problems in low gear and it worked wonders. The car is functioning perfectly with smooth shifting. Thank you so much!!

  15. Does the car have to be warm to do this or does it not matter ?

  16. Mine is doing this ever since i bought new tires

  17. Did it on my Jetta while the car was on in D…I ended up in the wall of my parking garage.

  18. I just tried this tip on my friend Audi A3 2014 model .
    The car was having jerky start up and after this method the car is working smoothly and the performance and car torque increased and improved significantly..
    Thank you very much for this tip

  19. If I get p0370 and it goes away is it safe to drive to shop

  20. same thing was needed with honda zf9 transmissions. it would help only temporarily

  21. Can I do it in a manual tranny?

  22. Did it on my 2010 Passat CC and it worked wonders. At First the gear Stucked a bit when I was shifting and it was shifting around 2200 U. Now it shifts smooth on around 1700-1800 so thanks for that!🙏🏾

  23. pedal down "to or past" the kick down switch ?

  24. hey just ried this on my 2015 triptronic se technik a4 and has actualy made a big difference it a lot smoother than it was before changes are hardley felt at all thanks guy any more tips keep em coming

  25. I’ve been having transmission problems for like 2 months. It drives great around town shifts gears good no noises but everytime I go up a hill to go to work it starts to give me issues. It’ll start to high rev and when I try to slow down it’ll have trouble shifting gears then it’ll high rev and shift gears at like 4RPM. I don’t hear clunking or gears skipping but I can smell the transmission fluid. Then I basically let it sit then it works fine again. No check engine light either! I take it to shops but they don’t really know either. I’d appreciate any help it’s a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta SE about 120k miles just got a transmission flush but I didn’t do this method. Do you think it’ll work?

  26. Hello. I did it exactly according to your instructions. The car, the transmission goes completely differently than if it were another car. Transfers are easier, no need at all, than before. Thanks for the simple tip👍. Audi A4 b9

  27. what do you think A6C7 3.0 tdi Quattro 2015 S-Tronic, mileage 125,000. Something buzzes when switching from 3 to 4. Will it help, won't it get worse?

  28. Hi there!! Does anyone know if this works on a6 gearbox manufacturing light is on and is gone in to limp mode Audi trying to charge me £thousand if I was to do that would it work?? Thanks for any reply

  29. Hello would this work on a Mercedes c class by any chance?

  30. Thank you for the tip! I honestly wonder why the manufacturers don't share officially through the manual for example this kind of easy tips. Why should always try to look out and luckily I found your video?

  31. i had a issue when slowing down my 2016 audi a6 3.0t would downshift super aggressively and this fixed my problem. thank you so much!

  32. What if he was actually making this up and you guys were all just getting placebo effect hahaha

  33. I got a skoda octavia dsg7. Been driving it for 3 weeks now. It feels a bit jerky in the low gears, especially when changing from 3>2. If I have my windows open I also hear the transmission doing something.
    Should I try this too? And can this have any negative side effects? I know nothing of cars 😅 Thanks!!

  34. Tried this on a 2015 audi a3 1.8t since the gears were shifting at higher rpm's.
    After following the procedure and driving for a while transmission worked smooth again as usual.
    But turned on the car next morning and its doing the shifts at high rpm's. Anything else to look for ?

  35. Would this work on a 2023 rs3 ? Please let me know my car is still new and I’m worried 😅

  36. does this work on tuned cars?

  37. Had very little hope this will actually work in my A5 2018 with the DL382 gearbox – but it worked like a proper dream.
    I don't know if anyone else noticed or if its the case in other models, but after holding for 15s once the ignition was turned off, upon letting go of the accelerator pedal P (Park) flashed 3 times on the dash.

  38. This worked to fix my jerky low gear shifting in my 2010 2.5L VW Golf

  39. Just wondering if someone can help diagnosing an issue where P (with cross line) is lit up and I’m unable to shift the gear, which is stuck at parking (P)

  40. Tried on my 2009 Audi Q5 and it worked great, more responsive and engine is way more " healthy feeling " used to barely be able to accelerate to 60mph but now i can hit 80 with no issues like how i bought the car originally! Thanks a ton!

  41. I've a 2015 Audi A6 Premium Plus with 106,000 miles. From a cold start, I've had issues going from first into second gear. Even if the car's been running in the driveway for 15 minutes I encountered the same. The car revs high and then jolts into second gear. After that, the car and transmission are pretty normal. My next door neighbor is a car guy and did some research on the issue and told me the best thing to do was to take it to Audi. Evidently a lot of independent mechanics won't work on Audi's with this issue. I was further told that a transmission replacement could cost between $6,000 and $8,000. Despite this potentially bad news, I was going to take the car in next week. On a lark I tried this hack and am happy to say it worked perfectly. Many thanks !!!

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