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How To FIX iPhone Ghost Touches / Screen Glitching! (2021)

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Here is exactly How To FIX iPhone Ghost Touches / Screen Glitching! (2021)

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  1. This things are don’t even works on iPhone fourteen

  2. Mines doing it without the screen protector (I bought a refurbished iPhone with a new “screen replacement “

  3. Who had to watch it on a different device

  4. Mine was doing the glitching and clicking and typing all crazy… and I watched another vid on this & I had just plugged in my phone and it just started to glitch so another vid recommended I take it off the charger and see if it is still glitching… took it off the charger and it’s fine now… I think it might be the box I was using? Idk cuz I use this charger all the time but not with the box I used today… so yeah if it’s happening while charging I would recommend throwing that cord and box away and taking phone off that charger immediately… hope this helps!!!!!!

  5. Hi I have a moto g pure android here's the issue I barely touch the screen and it freezes or starts moving on its own it's on the edges of my phone screen and when I'm watching a YouTube video and I try to scroll down below the video it refuses to work it moves the screen up and down so fast I can't click on another video it is ridiculous I've dropped it on the ground 10or 12 times the screen ain't broken or cracked it's just being a dick to me if you'll excuse my terms of putting it 😅

  6. i tried turning it off 9 times before watching this guy, then when he told me to turn it off it fixed all of it bro wtf lmao+

  7. i think mines is hardware issue 😭

  8. I can skip videos and restart them and loose my place without ever intentionally meaning to! what a great feature i dont ever want technology working properly 😅

  9. I don’t have a screen protector 💀

  10. I kept throwing my phone on my bed and then it stopped ghost touching

  11. What is the reason why iPhone XR keep freezing ? They need to change LCD or what???

  12. I can’t even power down my phone 💀 that’s how bad it is

  13. Stop doing whatever you are doing and try removing the case / screen protector. I was going crazy, I have tried basically every single solution and it was the case. Removed the case & my iPhone 13 Pro Max works perfectly now.

  14. Atp my screen needs changing

  15. how tf u gonna do these stuff if it's glitchin💀💀

  16. i cracked my screen and its going crazy. im never buying a iphone again wtf??? i've shattered so many samsung's and lg's and they never lagged. smh

  17. well, i am trying to use my old iphone 5 as an ipod. and it works just fine for some minutes but after some time with the screen on it stars ghosting. Opening apps, and things like that, after i just turn off the display and on again it works great again. Another problem i have with it is the power button wich never worked. I also have an iphone 5s and i tried using that at first but when trying to power it up it goes to the red screen of death, tried restoring it but it still didn't work. I'm suspecting it is the battery, i will try to replace it and see if it works (i think it is the battery because before i stopped using it it started not holding charge)

  18. Nah cuz i actually thought there was a ghost touching my phone screen💀

  19. The problem is also imagine remove the screen protector and the screen broke 😩 we put screen protector and the cover to protect the phone😢

  20. I leave my Phone in the Toilet; "For me to Poop On"!

  21. Lol updating the phone won’t do sht

  22. Apple just want you to buy another iPhone

  23. Anyone watching with glitched screen?

  24. Bruh it keeps skipping back to the start somehow typing save me tho

  25. Could a broken screen cause the same thing?

  26. thanks!! I removed the case and now its perfectly fine 😭

  27. My phone only glitches when I'm playing games bro

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