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Young woman massage| Wife cheating|Office unspoken rules| Family Ethics | Pick Up Ep:12

Setzaki Ayane plays a big-breasted wife who is married to a young man. Not only is the other party busy with work, the two get together a lot, and even the sex performance is not satisfactory. In order to save this precarious marriage, she decided to take a trip to the hot springs. After arriving at the destination, the couple accidentally met a sturdy black brother who lives next door. The enthusiastic and cheerful personality of each other immediately won the favor of Saizaki Ayane, so they asked him to come to the room for a drink at night.
As a result, the three of them were only drunk for three rounds, and the husband was already drunk. When the black man wanted to help him back to bed, his “chocolate bar”, which was more than 30 cm thick and thicker than his arm, accidentally fell out, and Ayane Sezaki watched for a moment. Frightened silly, couldn’t help but exclaim from the heart. However, her husband was watching all this. He was so jealous that he left the room after a big quarrel with Setzaki Saion at night, but he didn’t know that the praying mantis was catching the cicada. The oriole was behind, and his front foot came out of the room. The black man immediately walked into the room to comfort the injured wife, talking about the python below, shaking there~
Everyone knows the development afterwards. Under the gentle comfort of black people and the temptation of chocolate bars, Setzaki Ayane quickly fell. Not only did she beg for chocolate bars like a little bitch, she also generously asked the other party NX to completely become Black plaything.