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5 ways to ruin your filament (and how to fix it)!

It’s super easy to ruin a perfectly good spool of filament. Learn what to avoid if you want to keep your 3D printer’s filament in perfect shape!

Avoid: Tangling, high temperature, pets, bad filament guidance and cooked filament!

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  1. Never trust a new spool to be dry… Especially if you've never used it before and don't know what to expect.

  2. I can’t get it rolled up again

  3. how often i dont put my pla in a bag and let it just sit on the printer should i heat it in the oven ?

  4. Oh wow, thank you. I had a roll that was jamming continuously and I had to pre-spool the approximate length. I didn't 'click' that it was the knot transferring down the spool. I was blaming the manufacturer or it getting squished in shipping…it was me not keeping track of the end 🙁

  5. My son spilled coke on his 3D pen filament and it’s dry and sticky. Any way to save it!

  6. Would a warm bedroom effect my PLA

  7. I keep all my filament in a rubbermaid bin and throw the dessicant in there whenever I get an new spool. Good enough for all my PLA rolls and the occasional exotic stuff.

  8. You have a good looking dog! Looks like a sweetheart.

  9. Crazy I'm using sunla silk pla plus and i noticed the weather changed and now its making a popping noise on my creality 3d printer and it been in my 3d printer i noticed the filament is is curly like curly fries it wasnt like that at 1st

  10. You realize you trained your dog to think filament spools are toys right? haha.

  11. I have a roll of PLA that have been sitting for 5 years. I'm scared to use it because there's visible dust on it

  12. this WHOLE video was just an excuse to put the dog playing with filament montage on youtube

  13. If you can fix it, it wasn't ruined.

  14. I love how you speak about this stuff while having your own filaments on the wall, in the open, dangling loose..

  15. Hi am using the flsun qq I just changed the filement and noticed its coming out far to thick I changed my filement down to 1m should it be higher the filement when printing lift off the bed at the start of the printer can u please advise me as am about to brun up more filement and it doing my head him excuse the last bit am a scot

  16. For the last one, I personally use a TP link smart switch with octoprint. It waits for the printer to be idle for specified time and the temperatures have dropped and they switches of the printer(switch). Bonus point it can be auto started when you send a new print to it

  17. Oops.. I let the end go every time I change the Filament :DD somehow I might have been lazy but on the other hand I didnt like the kink after fixating the end into the spoolholes. Somtimes I am ending up, endtangling the Filament during the print. Its not too often, but thanks for the warning anyway!

  18. That is the cutest gad damn dog 😍

  19. I'm new to 3d printing but couldn't help notice that whenever the spool was held on a set of rollers beside the printer, regardless if it was in a dry box or out in the open air, that the filament was being fed from the bottom of the spool. This is a cardinal sin in the wire feed welding world. If you set your wire feed to deliver from the bottom of roll you are almost guaranteeing yourself an unraveled mess of welding wire birds nest inside the cabinet of your welder, if you were fortunate enough to remember to close the cabinet, if not your mess is now shop wide, lol. Filament isn't going to have the same spring forces as welding wire and is less likely to overcome the mass of the roll and unravel like welding wire can, but it may help to feed your filament from the top of the roll in these set-ups. Partial rolls may be more prone to unraveling as it seems like the spring forces in the smaller radius inner coils would be greater and the mass of the roll is certainly going to be less.

  20. I my experience pure pla absorbs way more moisture than petg, it also seems that pure pla begins to warp a lot when wet and dries very poorly compared to petg.

  21. More dog videos!! 🙂

  22. (0:30) wow, you are a magician… I KNEW IT! your filament teleport spell is amazing!

  23. Hi;
    Thanks for your great videos ….I really hope you can improve the sound quality to a better resolution 🙂

  24. Why are you teaching your dog to play with the spools?

  25. I've had some rolls of PLA since about 2014 (Awful, I know!) If I stick them back in some bags and get some fresh desiccant packets, will that set them right. (Old and new PLA keeps breaking!)

    I got a new CR-6 SE a few days after it released, and I am having a little trouble with the hot end clogging up, as well. I wonder if what you touched on about the teflon tube going into the block is my problem there. Any suggestions?

    I've had a printer for years before this, but the difficulties and setbacks with printing kind of kept me from doing it. Hopefully, armed with more information, I can move past these things and press on!

  26. you forgot about one way to hold your filament. in your mouth/teeth while fixing a problem on the machine.

  27. This should be on EVERY beginner instruction video for 3D printers!

  28. Hello! How do you think, is that possible to dry filament in vacuum chamber?

  29. Afaik you can untangle the knot in #1 without taking it out of the extruder. Get extra slack by loosening up the real and then pass the reel through the knot. I've done it on spools of wire.

  30. Keep it stored in a covered box. Had a buddy get a clog from 1 year of dust and dog hair on a spool. Also, I assume UV is bad for most materials.

  31. What about cleaning dust from your filament so it doesn’t create black lines in your prints?

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