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FREE BEAT / Young Thug x Drake x Migos Type Beat – “ALL MY HOES” / Trap Beat / Rap Instrumental 2017

Young Thug x Drake x Migos Type Beat – “ALL MY HOES” / Trap Beat / Rap Instrumental 2017 | Young Forever Beats
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Originally posted 2023-12-03 08:46:01.


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  2. how about we talk and I'm a rapper and we can hook up a beat

  3. working mixtape line with my yung cuzzo ya feel ma

  4. All yo shit go hardπŸ‘ when we need beats to freestyle we come here

  5. IDK why i think the beat sounds a little rushed.

  6. ma bruh y kill this beat really good bless

  7. What up bruh you on yo grind? Cool!
    You better stay up cause you know these niggas give no fucks to you
    All they want is your fame and your riches, his last reply were yeah whatever then BOOM
    Got hit with the zoom
    Never had a clue
    On what the game could do to you
    Lying cold dead in his favorite shoes
    Stranger taking his attire leaving him naked and blue
    You know how life can happen in a instant when you are the "know it all dude"
    You gotta put your head on the paper you are the pencil yeah you are the tool
    Them same friends turn into enemies and strangers
    And stranger is danger
    Letting pussy go so I tamed her
    Never try to change her
    So I bang her
    And she be my release thats how hulk can deseased his anger
    Psychopathic mind
    with gorgeous dimes
    Fuck beer, I rather do vodka a hundred times
    Reincarnate to get a heart attack like the other time
    Feel my liquor and my emotions intertwine
    Love sick thrills shrooms & cocaine combined
    I beat the beat up just to skeet, beat loves to ride
    I could put this shit on repeat so i can post it on vine

  8. Shits too low bro. Cant hear it

  9. This $hit Sauced . πŸ”₯πŸ‘ΏπŸ’’πŸ”―

  10. The beat is love with the coco but they did a little remixing

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