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Cardi B – Drip ft. Migos | Choreography With JR Taylor

Millennium Dance Complex Presents

Class With JR Taylor

LOCATION: Millennium Dance Complex | Los Angeles




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Originally posted 2023-12-03 07:00:34.


  1. 1:16 isn’t she on Disney now like she got her own show the one in the front

  2. He so cold with it you got the best dance boo

  3. Can't stand it when people dance in the background

  4. How do I find this with the drums on it this shit fire

  5. Why’d y’all do that to the music. The original beat is so good it doesn’t need any change

  6. Dudes are feminine as hell lol last dude in referee shirt with stripes in the back dropped it low and twerked his ass like a female lol hahhaah

  7. Who is the guy in orange shirt and beanie in last group ?

  8. I love this choreo! Can you tell me WHY so many dance class videos are recorded with the CONSTANT forward and backwards motion of the camera? It makes me feel dizzy and seasick . I can only watch this style of filming for a minute or two, but would really love to watch more! Please release alternate versions, that are filmed with a still camera view. Thank you!

  9. This Cardi track ain't meant to be danced to. The beat is all over the place. Sorry though.

  10. Eh seemed a bit slow to enjoy for me. Just doesn’t really suit at all

  11. For me this is the best routine I have seen to this song 👌🏾

  12. Vive la música !!. Music is life !!

  13. hellokylie you drippinn😎🔥🔥

  14. Sorry but don't like the music. Lyrics are gibberish and the the beat is hard to follow.

  15. the first guy in the front is too good (don't know if he is the choreographer hehe)

  16. This choreo is not dripppppin… sorry just being honest. Seems so slow.

  17. Biting on Matt…..even the mickey shirt….. bwahaha

  18. Instrumental version 😱and the dance👑

  19. N atlast i give the first like….ever.. n vid is dope

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