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Migos – Recognize

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Originally posted 2023-12-03 05:47:42.


  1. This song could have Easley blowen up especially with their amazing voices

  2. These niggas make a living off repeating the same word in their songs lmao " Versace , Pipe it up , recognize " I guess their fan base too dumb to understand a meaningful hook

  3. I jus wanna to be recognized make my mama smile and grandmama proud 😆 MOMMA !!!! LOL

  4. #Reconized The true foundation of any "Hip-Hop" artist. I'M a supporter… #SALUTE!

  5. I'm comout and diss dem watch me

  6. I just wanted to be RECOGNIZE!

  7. this is what I expect from migos

  8. this is goooddddddddddddddd yea

  9. dont wait for people to recognize your hard work – turn up for yourself!

  10. Dang anyone have the beat to this?

  11. One of my favorite migos songs

  12. Damn I just wanted to be recognized

  13. Oh shit this song 🔥🔥🔥

  14. i Just Wanted To Be Recognized..

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