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Migos – Bando (Official Music Video)


Originally posted 2023-12-03 05:16:53.


  1. Skippa is in every video real homie sins day one

  2. The gurl in the yellow is ugly as all freakin hell and this nigga is wacker than gucci though some say that gucci stole this nigga "STYLE" oh gimme a freakin break what the fuck is the hill billy ass crappers talking bout

  3. got bricks, like shaq at the free throw…lol

  4. Migos been playing Runescape !

  5. Ohhh offset is in prison so thats why he isn't in music videos?

  6. Feeling yall famo, check my videos out search J Rook

  7. trapin out da house wit dem boreds on da window……dis mii ishhh!!


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