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Migos – Can't Go Out Sad (Dance Video) shot by @Jmoney1041

So I got Micasko JaeDuhGoat & TrvpGirlDallas in a video and they dance to the song Called Can’t Go Out Sad by the Migos. Like and Subscribe for more videos and if you want your song promoted on this channel email me : jnweke1041@gmail.com
This video was shot by Jmoney1041


Originally posted 2023-12-03 04:57:06.


  1. Where can I buy this song? I tried finding it on iTunes and I’m not sure why my search won’t come up on iTunes. HELP! Hoping y’all out there can help me.♥️🫶🏽🎶🎶🎶🎶

  2. Dey was decent but i agree widd @arabiagrant #JAYDAGOAT killed it tho low-key, seem like tha otha 2 was just doin the same stuff but it was kool tho…

  3. Who here 2022 cause of tiktok🤣

  4. Rip. Takeoff love you always have

  5. Female slaughtered them dudes

  6. 3:15
    i can't (uhuh)
    go out, (go out)
    sad about no bitch (sad)
    Who me? (who)
    takeoff never mad about no bitch (no?)

  7. I cant go out sad about no bitch 3:15

  8. and i never saw this wow i love it dang i need too get offa facebook and watch more of this im missing out on the good stuff fr ctfu 100

  9. Y'all on point and the lady remind me of my late daughter keep up the positivity YALL

  10. Omg I love this song I remember when my lovely Queens heard from her I love them #ms. Kelly and alexus #my everything #my queen 👸 I lv my little Barbie dolls

  11. Ayyy trvpgirldallas is always the best at dancin😂😊

  12. I like how the young lady dances its like to watch ten times thumbs up the young lady

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