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Migos – Supastars

🔥 Migos – Supastars 🔥 Stream/ DL : https://open.spotify.com/album/1XsrpPKv4xIdrxW3eo2KRa?si=BwzjTkUESbKW4wFoF5RxcQ

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Originally posted 2023-12-02 07:29:46.


  1. Was I talking to you that was a comment for the migos not you

  2. Migos you're the best singer ever

  3. I love when Quavo say yea in auto tune in the background 😁😛

  4. Yo takeoffs part was Poppin 🕺🕺🕺

  5. in the 90s there was rap music
    today rap called
    mocromaffia music

  6. I can't stand migos, but this beat go too hard

  7. Rap Nation, I'd like to bass boost this song, do you know how do i contact them to get their permission?

  8. Lmao I’m Christian why am I listening to this😂 still lit as hell tho ✌🏼

  9. Sounds just like Get Right Witcha?🤔

  10. Dinlerken beni alip koyume goturdu biraz kahtali mici birazda izzet altinmese ezgileri var soyleyen arkadasin yuregine saglik

  11. To this very day.. I am still absolutely baffled by TakeOff's adlibs… The way he says "Ice" is just entrancing

  12. Too long, at some point it got boring

  13. My friends have a channel for drawing who wanted to subscribe to my channel is very thankful and will not regret

  14. The producer who made this beat should go to heaven👼

  15. The worst thing you can be is average.


  17. otrkokglltůlsrtůiiiiii

  18. That truck shaker/808/sub or whatever slaps hard

  19. I got it to 666 likes. But I don't want to unlike… 🙁

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