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How To Fix a Broken USB Flash Drive Repair and Data Recovery

*IF YOU HAVE FIXED YOUR USB BUT STILL CANNOT GET THE DATA Wondershare Data Recovery software is an excellent data recovery tool which can be used to recover lost/corrupt/formatted files from mobile phone/computer/Mac and other storage devices.

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In this video we repair a USB flash drive and recover data once the repair is completed. This flash drive was repaired successful and the data was recovered using basic soldering on the usb drive.


  1. portatoer A

    AAK osmon oj no kmu usb ahve a sthing that it has a broken plastic top and i t has to be bent to a certain angle to work aslm xbox

  2. do you recommend other Tweezer Style Soldering Iron for SMD that wont cost $200?

  3. Hiow can I repair mine, when the laptop fell while the flash drive was inside. It's still in tact but the laptop doesn't read it anymore.

  4. Hello, I need your services…I broke my usb and it has my research paper and other academic paperwork. Please write me ASAP

  5. How much would you charge to fix one with same conditions? can you inbox me the price and steps? Thanks!

  6. how can i get the substance in the injection and the name of the substance please

  7. is there any way to recover data from a usb that not only went through the washer, but also the dryer as well?

  8. My blue Kingston USB hard drive is 16GB. I tried inserting the usb on the computer every time, but nothing was working at all. It turns out it stop working due to bend usb.

  9. is there i can do when the the plate is broken? plz answer hurry

  10. just olmost finisht GTA 5 but brock

  11. Where can I go to get this fixed ?


  13. how can i disassembly that big black rectangle and place into another one?

  14. What type of soldering gun was that you were using??? Do you have a website or email address??

  15. is there anything i can do if the memory chip is cracked?

  16. How can I get data off my jump drive without the material you just used?!?

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