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How To Fix Your Parking Sensors For FREE *Works On EVERY CAR*

How to fix your parking sensors on your car for FREE. This is almost guarenteed to work when you have a faulty parking sensor on your car that isn’t functioning as it should.

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  1. I really don't think wd 40 get through to the sensors with out taking them out of the bumper and try then.

  2. Just did it on my 2020 Iveco Daily. Worked like a charm. THANK YOU so much!!

  3. Didnt work on my berlingo, did it twice to to check, gonna try contact cleaner instead

  4. Honestly I've been chasing a supposedly bad rear sensor on my 09 Ford Smax, computer said it was the rear right sensor, removed it and swapped it with the working left rear, same thing.

    Chased the cabling all the way to the sensor control module and tested everything for continuity… All fine.

    So i be assumed I'll need a new control module at 225 quid from ford…. Balls.

    Sat in the bath hunting for other fixes, came across this video.

    Doused all the sensors in wd40, wiped and doused again…. Put her in reverse…..bugger me it works.

    I can't believe this fix works.

    Thank you so very much!

  5. didnt work for me obviously must be a hard ware issue on my ds3

  6. Worked perfectly for my Hyundai Genesis Sedan! 🎉😁

  7. You wouldn’t believe. I sold my Hyundai Tuscon to a dealer yesterday. The car hasn’t been collected yet and still in use. Guess what!? The parking sensors stopped working on the day I sold it!!! Just used your WD-40 trick and they are working perfectly again. Cannot believe what I am seeing! Thanks a lot!

  8. Wonder if compressed air wouldn’t work better than spraying wd-40?

  9. What about the hands free gate lift on 2015 Escalade

  10. Hi there, are you spraying the camera as well? Anyone? My sensors work but my camera inside the vehicle only shows black screen.

  11. Do you know how to fix the rear camera view? The sensors work, but it only shows a black screen when backing up 😵‍💫

  12. Constant flatline on one of my front sensors. Tried this, problem solved. Hopefully lasts. Thanks. 👍 (Jaguar XF)

  13. Can you put something on them to stop water from getting inside the sensors??? I also heard it's the boxs inside the bumper, one on each side, that might have to be replaced, or dried out, and sealed.

  14. This is very very good. Thank you so much didn't know that.

  15. Brilliant, simple fix, red light on one rear sensor every time it rained, VW Golf mk 6, one quick spray and fixed ….. thank you.

  16. I wish it worked on mine 😂

  17. "WD40 doesn't contain any solvents".

    Is that correct?

  18. My front sensors on my Q50 won’t stop beeping

  19. My Hyundai ix20 sensors were on permanently (no beeping). Was going to take it to the main dealer and expect a huge bill as usual. Saw your video and hey presto, worked like a charm. Thank you for the video.

  20. Hi George, A youtuber stated that he took-off his hitch ball and the park assist went-off, so i did the same, and the message was gone.
    I have a 2011 silverado Z71 4×4 truck with a hitch on the back..

  21. No parking sensors – no problems

  22. Nonsense the sensor is sealed

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