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How to install a network jack into a wall from the attic.

In this video, I’ll show you how to install a professional looking network jack in your home or office by running the wire through the attic and down the interior of the wall.


  1. So apparently The Geek Pub missed this video, or he just prefers sticking a small hub in a cabinet when he needs more connections ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. Please don't untwist your wires all the way and straighten them out. You're just causing cross talk at that point. Untwist your wires the minimal amount necessary to put them in the proper color coded slots.

  3. You know he used the stud finder on himself first

  4. Could you do something like this but instead of running it into the attic, run it through the basement instead? The way my house was built, it is completely impossible for anyone to get into the attic even remotely safely. But now that I have a small network that is starting to get out of hand in the corner, being able to install jacks would be a big help in making things look cleaner and more modern.

  5. Thanks so much for creating the video and explaining everything in a very clear way for a rookie like me. Hats off!

  6. Jokes on you, I have my cables under my house, and they go straight into a socket with no box at all. And the other end just comes out of the floor.

  7. Oh wow. Glad to see one of my favorite channels cover this topic.

    Wasn't expecting to get to your channel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. There is a way to do exterior walls. But you have to buy a special drill bit. A flexible cable with a bit on the end. Cut your hole, push the drill through the insulation and angle it up into one of the back corners. Drill through. Pull it out and insert a flexible cable into the attic space. This has a string attached. These are available with lights on the end. When the string gets into the attic, use a hook on a n extension rod, grab the string, attach the cable and pull it up.

  9. Don't some walls have a horizontal 2×4 in the middle?

  10. Im from fort worth ! Represent!

  11. Great video, but your baseboards were installed upside down!

  12. Hmm. I haven't read a comment about those that have a horizontal brace between the studs.

  13. Thank you! Yeah, I have to drop a cat 5 line down from my attic and its 107f outside here in SoCal…..still gotta do it but early in the morning!! LOL

  14. Thank you for the video! Saved myself some money by doing it myself and gained some skill! ๐Ÿ˜

  15. Easy enough. I just donโ€™t know where to tie in the cat5 cable in the attic..

  16. It's only a network jack if the other end is connected to a NETWORK DEVICE like a switch for business or a router at home,
    If you got to go threw insulation use GLOW RODS! That way you will see them glowing when you move enough insulation out of the hole on the other end.
    In my experience instead of cutting a square, trace the MUDRING (BOX) after leveling it.
    ( The face plate screws into this, if the Mudring is NOT LEVEL your face plate WILL NOT BE LEVEL.
    Finally for you that are not in the industry, You're gonna see 2 Different color patterns on the Jack when you are punching the wires down one is going to say "A" 1 is going to say "B".
    Is common practice to use the B color (T568B standard) If you use "A" just make sure to do it on both ends.
    And please when punching those wires down done untangle them at all this helps prevent cross talk, And give a stronger signal that's why they're Wrapped around each other in side of the cabling.
    For those of you that know about electro magnetism and copper coils you understand what I'm talking about.
    Great video, thanks!
    Not Criticizing just add a few tips, I've been in this industry for years and I do IT work for a Financial institution.
    I think everyone should know the tips and tricks to make our homes as nice as our working standards
    Great video agian!

  17. I am planning to do this but seeing my house is concrete made…..I give up XD

  18. Great tutorial, thanks! I'm looking to run Ethernet from my router in my closet to my TV in the next room. I'm excited to try these steps.

  19. Oh, the satisfaction of putting your hand through the hole in the wall and finding the cable dangling there, right where it's supposed to be, first time!

  20. I knew you were a fellow Texan the second you said Toobuhfore.

  21. I wouldn't be working in an old, dusty attic, being in contact with loose insulation and who knows what else, without a face mask, additional hand and skin protection and also work goggles.

  22. Why not just use the same box as that coax line and swap out the plate to hold 2 keystones so you donโ€™t need a cut another hole in the wall.

  23. How would u do a coax wiring? And what do i need to get it running? I only have the xfinity wireless gateway and thats it, its a new house and it only has the wiring ,ac and plumbing done so the walls still have no drywall. How can i set up my internet with coax cable

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