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How to Fix Voicemeeter Audio Crackling Issues

In today’s video we look at how to fix the audio crackling issues some people face when using Voicemeeter!

Link to the second video that includes other Voicemeeter fixes!

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  1. Is not a problem for me since i normally use obs but if i want to use this program then yeah it´s good to know.Thanks,Like and Sub,grettings from Argentina.

  2. oh my god thank you so much. I literally installed Banana so that I could use other sites while having Cubase 12 booted up and you don't wanna know how many times I had to angrily go across Banana just to restart it, thank you

  3. Why do a video if you know not what you are doing?

  4. I apologize I did not watch your video, but only because the comments on this video are great and solved my problems within the first 15 seconds of watching this video. Commenting and liking to boost for algorithm

  5. not me finding out there's no way to maximize low latency (especially for video games and everyday general use) since i need to INCREASE the audio buffer to stop the crackling 🗿


  6. MME and ks always is bad for me cause of low quality

  7. And what if i have the crackling at the Virtual out?

  8. MME stands for Multimedia Extension

  9. thanks m8, that actually helped

  10. why dafuq does it even have it

  11. Interestingly, no one on YouTube seems to talk about buffer size except for you. UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you for your video! You're saving folks back from 2019)

  12. Thanks man, this really helped as it was happening on my laptop and didn't know what was the issue and then it happened on my desktop.

  13. I was starting to get worried when I started getting super crackly audio when using VoiceMeeter the next day after I installed it. I needed it in order to properly route audio from my cheap HDMI capture card for streaming. I had no idea the solution was this simple lol, thanks for making this video!

  14. thank u! i just had to switch from wdm to mme

  15. Crackling and popping comes from latency issues. The term latency refers to the amount of delay that happens between the hardware device. The lower the latency the better but every piece of hardware will have some latency. The more devices you run the more delay you get. You must raise the latency to rid yourself of audio engine crashes. Pops and clicks Usually happen before the engine crashes. Two things can be addressed in order to raise the latency, The first one is the driver mode or type the second one is the buffer size. These are the same approaches used to fix latency in Digital Audio Workstations or (DAWS)

    Certain drive modes work better than others and that is just the way it is. Every audio hardware device will have an audio driver mode or type. The hardware manufacturer will write drivers for the various modes but not all hardware has drivers for every mode. This is how it breaks down. MME is an acronym for Multi Media Extensions. This driver mode came out about the time of Windows 95-98. It provides the highest latency. Even though the delay is higher some hardware may work better on MME.

    WDM means Windows Driver Model and it was a new audio model that was released when windows XP was released. it is better than MME. ASIO was developed by Steinberg and and it stands for Audio Streaming Input Output. Most professional studios use this and any hardware using this model will preform better than WDM. Steinberg also developed the VST tech that so many studios use today.

    So if you can, use ASIO drivers first because that will give you the lowest latency. KS is for Kernel Streaming and this tech first came from WDM and then later came from a driver type called ASIO4all. This type can be buggy.

    So the bottom line is try adjusting the driver type first. If you have an audio interface that uses ASIO use it instead of the others. Then if you still have issues after that adjust the latency by changing the buffer size.

  16. thank you so much it worked perfectly

  17. 5:20 but the sound is literally much clearer without it

  18. So this issue only happens with me when I use my mic inside a game as a soon as a game recognises my yeti inputted through VM I start crackling in discord and not in game, as soon as I change the games I put to device to default yeti or anything discord crackling instantly stops as soon as I make my game input VM again crackle comes back

  19. i have the issue that out of nowhere it starts crackling, and wont go away unless i restart audio engine ( but it comes back ) buffer is set to 1024 on all MME KS and WDM, i made sure that all audio devices are set to the same bit and khz in windows .. i dont know what to do anymore

  20. what if the crackling issues are with the built in audio recorder that i cant change the driver for?

  21. oh man ! beign dealing with this for a year now, while streaming on twitch had to alt+tab and restart the voicemeeter in the middle of a game to solve it, sometimes more than once in a round, but now thanks to you i understand why it happened and fixed it, THANK YOU

  22. I am in 44.1 kHz, I tried MME and WDM for every string, I still experience some random crackling audio through my VoiceMeeter. Changing the buffer didn't help

  23. my hero x) you resolve my fucking problem

  24. Thank you so much. I've been looking into Voicemeeter and was struggling to fix my issue, but you saved me so much time!

  25. for me, when I speak in discord I get the crackling noise, when I speak in obs then there isnt any problems, and when I talk in video game voice chats then the mic reflects the game audio + crackling noises when I speak

  26. Thanks for this buddy.

    The 2 things I have learnt is keep all hertz the same, and look into mme as opposed to wdm since it has a larger buffer size. Or even try and increase buffer size but then look out for audio sync issues!

  27. I have an issue where it’s random but I can be recording and it happens while playing I hear some sort of static and it gets recorded it’s some times just for 2 seconds but it happens every time I record and it’s not to loud

  28. You're a certified G for this one. Thank you!

  29. How do i get Voicemeter Potato to stop lowering my voice to where it sounds like i am using a voice modifier? after the last update for windows VM wont connect to discord or skype and when i shut it down and reset the drivers and my mic it will connect but in Discord and skype it sounds like i am running a voice modifier. making my voice really low. I reset VM back to default and still the same outcome. any ideas?

  30. First step worked, in my case it was switching from WDM -> KS. Thanks!

  31. Is the crackling the static that happens the louder you talk or is that a different issue, because thats my problem with voicemeeter

  32. Had the crackling usually come after 10-15min and then restart.. oddly it never auto restarts.. so just changed buffer and set half to MME – hope it works. Your audio does seem slightly delayed imh, noticed it from the start.

  33. I'm having an issue not with my microphone, but rather the output of sound to my headset. Ever since i started using MiniHost and VoiceMeter Banana in conjuntion with each other, When i run a game like Apex, or Fortnite Whilst also running Discord or Youtube. My audio gets what i can only describe as Deepfried, Crackling, or Choppy. I have my Drivers updated, i am using 16-bit 48k hz audio with no enhancements. My PC is up to date, and my internal temps are perfectly fine accross the board. I'm not entirely sure if it's actually VMB or MiniHost or just an issue with my PC. Any help is appreciated, i've searched for so long trying to find a fix. The temporary fix i have for now is re-sign in or restart my PC.

  34. What was actually happening to me was for my listening audio my main entry was set to my Steam Streaming Speakers while it was not in use and it detected it as a primary because I disconnected one of my other ports so it ended up somehow making the audio very crackly, although if others say its your mic doing that, you can also go to your Task manager -> Details -> audiodg.exe (Right Click) -> Set Priority (High) and Set Affinity (Only CPU 2). Those fixed my current problems but I'm also certain having mixed Hz can also cause issues, it's all about digging through to find what works.

  35. literally uninstalled drivers, tried changing all sound settings and everything in between and nothing worked. IT WAS THIS SIMPLE. wow thanks for this!!

  36. it crackling when I play games and use it… do you think I need a better CPU I have a good AMD 3950 x which I consider a good CPU

  37. holy cow. just tell me how to do it and not what doesnt work

  38. Youtube:how to fix crackling for voice meter banana
    YouTuber: so we're going to fix the crackling for voice meter potato Bruh

  39. What a fucking legend, thank you so much.

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