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How to Fix The Request Failed Due to a Fatal Device Hardware Error?

In this video, you will learn 4 methods on how to fix the request fail due to a fatal device hardware error: http://bit.ly/38m1Kxs
Wondershare Recoverit official link: http://bit.ly/3v0TXyR

What is “the request failed due to a fatal device hardware” error? This type of error usually occurs with HDD and SSD hard drives. When you’ll encounter this error, it’ll become impossible to access the hard drive and you might even end up losing your valuable data.

0:00s Intro
1:37 Method 1: Verify Hard Drive Using Smart Attributes
2:34 Method 2: Reformat the Disk and Initialize
3:11 Method 3: Run Disk Error Checking
4:02 Method 4: Check and Repair Bad Sectors
4:55 Bonus: How to Recover Data from Inaccessible Hard Disk after Fatal Device Hardware Error

There are common reasons that triggers the fatal device hardware error including bad sectors in your hard drive, damaged USB cable you are using to connect your hard drive, the driver is outdated. When it occurs, how to fix the “The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error”? First, you can verify hard drive using Smart Attributes which aims to check the health status of your hard drive. If it doesn’t work, you can reformat the disk and initialize. If you’re still encountering the fatal device hardware error, you can run “Disk Check” to check the issues. “Disk Check” is used to find bad sectors, potential errors, bad clusters, etc. The “Disk Check” tool will automatically scan and fix your hard drive and you’ll be able to access it. If nothing fixes the problem, it’s quite possible that your hard drive has bad sectors. In this situation, you’ll have to manually repair these sectors using Windows official CHKDSK utility. Moreover, if your hard drive is inaccessible and has no solution, and you worry about your data in the hard drive, it is recommended to use Wondershare Recoverit to recover data from the inaccessible hard drive.
Wondershare Recoverit official link: http://bit.ly/3v0TXyR

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  1. If I have an m.2 nvme stick that has the "not initialized" and "request failed due to a fatal device hardware error", is there any way for me to recover or salvage the data in said m.2 stick?

  2. very right …when you try to initialize disk >> GPT or MBR >> the request failed due to fatal device hardware error… if you cant access how can you format it? for me it was useless explanation.

  3. Urm…what about when you have an SSD that's actually corrupted and is now showing 16MB via a USB M.2 enclosure extension on a donor laptop from a previously full 512GB ?

  4. For those unable to get their pc to read the drive: I managed to fix this by plugging my drive into my laptop and reformatting it from its original format (exFAT) to the format my pc apparently needs (NTFS). Then I plugged it back into the pc, waited a minute, and voila the drive is now being read! This might not be the problem for everyone, but it's what was happening for me. I didn't need to assign a new letter, as that was already done before the drive was shipped to me. Again ymmv.

  5. cannot initialize brand new wd 14tb, guess im returning it

  6. Useless video when there is no drive letter.

  7. All method are wrong getting wrong tutorial

  8. None of thes reasons are my problem. It is a brand new drive.

  9. My computer detects the ext drive but the Recoverit software (free trial) doesn’t. I can’t initialize the disk because of ‘…fatal hardware error’. So back at square one.

  10. My external SDD drive is not recognized by the PC, it shows no letter, no size, not able to initialize it in disk management due to the the "The Request Failed Due to a Fatal Device Hardware Error". The only thing I was able to do from this tutorial was step 1 and it shows status "OK" but all the other information is completely useless for my case. Any fix to this issue?

  11. My portable device is not initialzing and showing Fatal Error, its also not visible on this pc. How can I run disk check if its not visible?

  12. Solution to dia ni pese kamane k liye kuch bi krte h

  13. I got a Western Digital my passport drive. I plugged it in it worked I started to transfer data on it as I was told it works just like a thumb drive. I unplugged it and now the PC doesnt and wont see it.
    I looked it up and someone said go into device manager under serial bus controllers and and click uninstall on it and then reboot. I did this… It still didnt see it. I then saw where it said go into device Management I opened it and its asking if I want to put the drive in MBR or GPT. When I click MBR it says the very message I got and clicked on your video to solve. None of your methods are any good because A. I cant back up a drive that I cant access. B. I cant click MBT or GPT as that is why I am here its saying Fatal device hardware error. I cant even completely reformat the drive because I cant even see it on my PC.

  14. What an unhelpful video. Downboat and skip

  15. Method 1
    Drive Status is OK still not accessible Still giving Fatal Hardware error

    Method 2
    Useless (No Disrespect) Still giving Fatal Hardware error

    Method 3
    Drive not Visible under THIS PC

    Method 4
    DRive letter is Unknown

  16. How to Fi…. make a useless youtube video to nly promote your useless product

  17. If you cannot access the disk through FE and you cannot initialize in Disk Management, run hardware diagnostics in BIOS. Also you can try to get into Windows Recovery to run disk repair. I could not initialize a computer’s C drive and I fixed it by running diagnostics in BIOS.

  18. None of this worked. Bought the app but it doesnt see the drive in question. tried dskchk but it cant access the drive in question. huge waste of time…

  19. I have a weird problem. The device manager, etc. sees a drive, but does not have a drive letter, and can't initliaze. what can I do?

  20. Totally can't perform anything useless. Wasting time.

  21. My hard drive is turning on but isnt showing up in files or in the fisk manager anything i can do

  22. Honestly, if you're getting something like "Windows can't access this device due to a fatal hardware error", then it's because your hard drive has mechanical issues and no amount of software tricks can fix it since it's an issue with the drive itself. At least that's been my experience when using hard drives over the last few decades or so. A way you can check and see if a hard drive has mechanically failed is to put your ear to the hard drive and listen closely. If you hear repetitive clicking or buzzing then the heads have probably crashed / gotten stuck or the motor has gone bad

  23. Unable to repair, a screen showing "Cannot open volume for direct access"

  24. please provide an actual solution next time

  25. How to run all these steps if hdd is not showing on laptop

  26. How about disk drive in an array, how are we going to fix bad sectors?

  27. This is useless 🤣🤣 you can't chkdsk a drive that isn't detected to begin for which you don't know the drive letter cause…fatal device hardware error 🤣. And then a software sales pitch.
    Nah I used a completely free dos command base recovery method

  28. how to save the hardrive if i can not go inside?

  29. So my issue is I wanted to replace my 250gb ssd with a new 1tb ssd and I wanted to clone my 250gb. I fitted the new 1tb ssd to an external case which is meant to be for this purpose. I then plugged it in went to disk management so I could initialize the new ssd drive but then get the fatal error message, what do I do?

  30. Your assumption is that the drive is visible and accesssible. It is not.

  31. I can access mine using linux but windows fails to open it

  32. its not functional… and program… boughted and helpless too…

  33. It only happened in my external SSD cuz I was using USB to type C cable… I was supposed to use C to C cable… Now it's fine…

  34. I will never understand why some people boldly make videos of themselves in which they totally contradict themselves.

    The topic is How to Fix The Request Failed Due to a Fatal Device Hardware Error <<<< an inaccessible hard disk, and yet in all your presentations, you are working on accessible hard disks with no problem to fix.

  35. Avoid this Dumb Video, AS When you get this error, the drive is not detected and these methods do not apply. Common Sense missing.

  36. No one method works my PC shows cannot access ur hardrive

  37. Wheni use the recoverit software and try tonscan the drive. It says. “Disk (f:) disconnected, reconect and re-scan. Does the problem still occur? Click here to report to us.”Repetedly

  38. Method 3 works. U really saved my life and my memories 💖

  39. I have the same issue on my WD HDD. What should I do? Even I'm not even able to set any backup. Sometimes shows a fatal device hardware error and sometimes it opens all the folders and even at the end plays the video as well. But within minutes shows not respond and my laptop starts hanging. I'm getting frustrated with this issue, I have all the study material inside and my exam is in November. I need help if anyone can know how to proceed further without backup please tell me, it's a humble request I need to fix that issue for my exam.

  40. I couldn't locate my external drive in the list of recoverit what would be the reason

  41. thank you so much issue resolved.

  42. I have a difficult time:
    – Disk shows "OK" in the S.M.A.R.T. check
    – It shows as "Not Initialized" in Disk Management, but it doesn't show up in the volume list, only the lower disk list. It can't be initialized because of the fatal hardware error.
    – I can't run chkdsk on it since it doesn't have an assigned letter nor can't be assigned with one
    – I can't chkdsk it with the volume ID because it just says it doesn't have a mountpoint or drive letter
    – I can't run a self-test with SeaTools, so it then recommends a short generic test. Trying to initalize this only crashes SeaTools and nothing else happens.

  43. there is no drive letter once you get hardware fatal error!

  44. talks about saving your data then says format lol

  45. This video is Completely Useless for this Issue, Wont bother Watching it…

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