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Top 5 Custom Amazfit GTS Watchfaces & How to Install Them

Do you want to add custom watch faces to your Amazfit GTS? Here are some of my favourite GTS watch faces and the process for adding them to your watch

Amazfit GTS Review: https://www.dansgadgets.com/amazfit-gts-review-is-this-apple-watch-lookalike-worth-it/

What you’ll need:

AmazFaces App
AmazFaces Account
Amazfit App

Once you’ve signed up to am Amazfit account you’ll be able to download any custom watch faces from the Amazfit App. It will automatically sync to your watch.

There are some awesome custom watch faces from the AmazFaces app, many of which have multi-touch functionality.


  1. Can anyone confirm that this still works

  2. Can the pipboy be used for always on display?

  3. Hi, sorry where I can download Apple Watch Os? Thx

  4. Thx for this Video 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Is that possible with the GTS 3?

  6. Its not working on iPhone

  7. Is the pip boy function able!?

  8. People really buy this of off wish?

  9. is the pipboy 3000 for apple waatch clockology too ?

  10. But how to delete them??????????
    Pls answer

  11. Too bad it doesn’t work for Apple Watch

  12. Does the gts 2 mini have the same watch faces?

  13. no puedo descargar las pantallas, no sincroniza con Zepp

  14. Any classic, rich, black and gold chronograph faces out there?

  15. also make for amazefit gts 2 mini watch

  16. What i hate about these watch faces they're always in military time

  17. Actually, this does not work. The watchface apps are not supported in Android 11. Believe me, I have tried everything

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