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How To Fix Loose iPhone Charger Port

How To Fix Loose iPhone Charger Port If your lightning cable is no longer charging your iPhone I’ll show you how to fix multiple issues in this video so you can fix the iPhone charging port from being loose or not charging.

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  1. is there a permanent solution to avoid taping now and then

  2. This works man tysm u saved me like 700$

  3. Thanks 😢❤you saved me my phone was on 1%

  4. The electrical tape fix worked! I was a bit leery, because I wasn’t sure the electrical connections were only along the back of the socket, but sure enough, now it fits snuggly and is charging well.

  5. I'm on 7 with 4 mins left let's hope we get it on time

  6. The dust kept coming and coming and then I had a working charging port! I was convinced from the way the port literally ejected the charging cord plug, that the port was loose and prevented a sufficient connection!! Thank you!❤

  7. I was on 6 ended on 4 by the time I did this. Seems to work well for now. Just trying to make it last until the iPhone 15 . Currently using an 11.

  8. 6% 😩 gotta bend my charger just for my phone to charge.

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