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6 Ways to Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring | Beginners Guide

How to cut vinyl plank flooring as a beginner, a complete guide to the best tools and tips.
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Installing vinyl plank flooring as a beginner can be overwhelming, but learning how to cut vinyl plank flooring the right way will help you avoid beginner mistakes. You can get a great vinyl floor install with these tips and tricks and your new flooring project will make your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom look great!

00:00 The 6 Cuts You’ll Need
0:24 1: Cutting to Length the MOST USED CUT
2:57 Best Tool to Cut to Length
4:22 2: Cutting to Width to START YOUR INSTALL
6:30 3: Cutting Corner Notches for CABINETS
8:23 4: Cutting Side Notches for CLOSETS
11:44 5: Cutting Curves with a COOL TOOL
14:41 6: Cutting Holes for AIR VENTS or PIPES
16:51 One Tool to Do It All

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  1. 🎥 What to Watch Next:

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    10 Beginner Mistakes Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring – https://youtu.be/kvo-n2AYZnA

    Flooring Install Playlist – http://bit.ly/2uFkWp6

  2. Good amazing thank for your

  3. Thanks for leaving the mistakes in ❤

  4. I find a table saw to cut planks lengthwise is the best choice

  5. Jigsaws work amazing for all cuts, not the fastest, but will get the job done, especially for odd cuts. The down side of them is the blades get dull after 4-5 long cuts. I’ve tried every brand and even purchased carbide blades that do last up to 7-9 long passes of vinyl flooring. I used Mohawk 20 mil wear and 6mm thick vinyl . Basically buy plenty of blades.

  6. Rule no.1 cut away from your body

  7. To break off a small piece I use hand seamer.

  8. Excellent video! I’ve done laminate flooring before. Now installing LVP in my camper. Glad I bought the laminate cutter 😁

  9. Thanks for sharing the mistakes that I am sure i will inevitably make next week when I attempt this 😂😂

  10. Great video. Any chance we can use the ceramic tile cutter for vinyl planks?

  11. Rather than getting 10% extra for mistakes, get 20% extra for mistakes and future repairs because you're never going to be able to find the same LVT pattern again if you need to replace a plant or a whole section of planks.

  12. No problem on the mistake! I have seen so many expert craftspeople make exactly the same kind of mistakes with measurements. Watched one of the best contractors in San Francisco ruin a $20+k trussed beam when he measured wrong. Thanks for showing it! Reinforces the measure twice, cut once rule. Just now my wife and I are trying to figure out how to match up our cut with the twists and turns of a door inset from the wall and the odd shaped molding around it.

  13. That’s why they called it the multi-tool! 😊

  14. This was such a great video. He is super easy to follow and understand and he explains things clearly and directly and completely. I also like the mistakes as well it taunt me something to be aware of. Thxx!

  15. Do you recommend 6 or 12 mil in a basement? I'll be using Lifeproof also.

  16. I am so excited! I found about $800 worth of luxury vinyl flooring for free. I'm very handy with tools and I have decided to do my first install. I was a little nervous but now that I've watched this video I feel much more confident and I am so ready to get started!

  17. Great job! You covered all the basics and most of the weird things you run into on a job. Much appreciated and well done!!

  18. Thanks for helping out with this video bro. First timer here 👍🏼

  19. Whats the best orbital adjustment on the jig saw for this material?

  20. I’m RVing and I have a circular saw!! I never would have thought about using one.

  21. Thanks so much for your video! it is my first time installing vinyl flooring and i was a little apprehensive! but your video game me confidence that i can do it. thanks again!

  22. Thanks for the video. How well does that Norske vinyl cutter cut stone core planks? Also, can you use a table saw to cut the long width cuts? Thanks!

  23. Kudos to your sir for admitting to and owning your mistake. Now if only more people were as accountable.

  24. Hi, what is the type of pencil you’re using to mark the plank at the 7:48 point of the video?

  25. Excellent! What is the best jigsaw blade to use?

  26. This helped me, a complete novice, install 2,000 square foot of vinyl plank flooring in my house. Thank you for all the help!

  27. For the short cuts, hang it over a block or table at the cut line and hit it with a mallet. No saws needed

  28. Thanks for showing the mistake! This creates trust with viewers!…and helps us learn before we start our job. Great video, I’ll subscribe!

  29. I rarely need a saw my knife and tapping block and a pair of pliers or needle nose to help snap small cuts as needed under jambs

  30. Square cuts razor knife all four sides then score a x from corner to corner then on a bucket take hammer and push on center of x and it will snap but be sure to cut the back before snapping you will see lines when you push hammer

  31. On the notch if using jig saw cut both side the razor knife score that last edge and just snap

  32. Long rips you can use a table saw on just use another piece as guid and score twice with razor knife and starting at the end use the block pushing down on both side and work the whole length

  33. On short pieces put the tapping block under and put it right on the line put pressure on the side with block and use your palm and pop down on the side and it will snap right off

  34. What is the brand name of the cutter ?

  35. Thumbs up for mistakes included. This is how we learn. Seriously it helps me think more critically

  36. Vinyl plank will wear jigsaw blades down quickly. Have plenty of them on hand if going this route.

  37. The reason you keep having the backing attached is because you are not using the guillotine correctly! It's called a guillotine for a reason! You have to pull the lever down FAST! Back in France they didn't have the guillotine come down at snail pace. It came down RAPIDLY!

  38. Hey come on dude you can score a few times.

  39. You're good at these instructional videos, clear, concise, good examples. You've helped me…and a lot of other people. Thanks.

  40. Thank you my dear, it was a great help. All the best to you

  41. Wow! What a helpful video. I'm about to do my first DIY laminate flooring project of 200 sf. My big question certainly was how to do the cuts. After watching this, I'm confident I can do it. I have an oscillating tool, so I think I'm getting a jigsaw. I don't want to cheap out on it because that's often a mistake. I'll look for a reasonably priced mid-range jigsaw. Thanks!

  42. Thanks! this was really helpful.

  43. The vinyl is thrashing my blades quickly. It's not worth the money.

  44. 1:09 for those who don't know, what he is doing is a type of scribing and it is the best and fastest way.

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