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How to make over $100, FAST! — Play Town Star game [QUICK GUIDE]

This video shows you how it’s possible to make over $100 USD playing a game called Town Star. Once you’ve set up your town, …


  1. There are a lot of project I have invested example: OP, Near, Dragonwar,Gmt,.. But all prices of these are drop except Dragonwar, I hope this project will develop well and its mainnet will be launch in 22 june. If u join this project early, you will know it has nice dev, they are always a good listener. Its mainnet was launched, check it now

  2. do we need a gala nodes to play town star ? i'm new to this thing bro. nodes is very expensive.

  3. Sir I want to earn but how n I have no nft

  4. Do I need to purchase this gold membership every month or just one time?

  5. Hey Paul, I bought a NFT but for some reason I didn't get the rewards from this NFT I got a lower reward from another NFT. Do I need to hold the NFT for some period of time before starting getting rewards with it? Thanks for your videos

  6. Yeh but how many nft to have on the maps. How many thousands have you spent on nfts? Not every have a load of cash to purchase them

  7. I can't choose the square to start building my town.
    Try to click in different places but not working

  8. Can someone earn by only owning a basketball court for their nft?

  9. Suger rush vs graphie rush which is better?????

  10. Hey Paul, can you do a video on the tokenomics around town coin. Market cap, Inflation rate, etc. How do we know that town coin wont do what SLP did in Axie Infinity and collapse to 1 penny?

  11. I can't find any link to become a gold member?

  12. "how to earn 100$ when you have spend 100K$ on NFT's"

  13. Yeah, but what NFTs do you have in your town ?

  14. Tow star town is worth like $0.80

  15. if u are not willing to spend 10k $ dont even try…. this is a trick and i fall for it they just trap your gala with ETH gas fees. too much

  16. I'm not making $100 a day with Town Star but regardless of what I make it is the fact that I can now make something from a game I enjoy. For those that say you can't make x $ amount in the time he says shows your lack of patience and experience with the game. After day one getting gas going and building for my build, I just let my items collect before selling then claim my Town Coin from the daily once completed.

  17. The only reason why he can do that is because he purchased NFTs costing thousands that accumulate hundreds/thousands of town coins when used in the game. So he can easily complete his daily challenges in seconds. Stop trying to fool people when you know you already spent thousands to earn hundreds per day hense why you're not showing how much town stars u earn per day. Smh 🤔

  18. Dude be real… With your town you make it look simple , try showing from the beginning of the game…. Gtfo, you are laughable

  19. Can you earn NFTs by playing each month? Or is it TC only, I accidentally converted quite a bit of my earned TC to TC eth thinking the treasure chest would have an NFT gift inside. Would it be more worth my time by playing the competitive? Thanks paul.

  20. I followed you and yes it's so easy to make 100$ a day with townstar, great video!! glad you opened my eyes!! should have listend to you quicker!! keep it up Paul!!

  21. Hi Paul, I played around on the practice town and got up to 350 stars before I ran out of gas for the truck, I understand it would take quite a few hours but is it possible to complete the daily challenge just by getting the free nft with the gold membership?

  22. Bet you make $40k a day with all of those NFT;s

  23. One thing you are not mention here is how much money needed to buy a NFT to earn that amount of money, you make it sound very easy and just need to become a Gold member. That can misleading newbies. Also people have to know that Gala can change anytime their star rewards without notice. Thanks anyway for the video..

  24. hey paul, yesterday i set up an Gala and Townstar account. But unfortunately i couldnt get my daily rewards, because i didnt have any NFTs. You said you get an NFT if you become Gold Member right ? First question, do i get the daily rewards, if i place that NFT i purchased through the Gold Membership? And secondly , how do i become a gold Member ?? :'D Thanks

  25. 27 power though. Wow. How many NFT's? I only get 1 town a day at level one. If I add more Gala to get to a higher level like 2…then all I get is 2 townstar a day?

  26. Hello , im trying to get gala gold the link is directing me again to home page and nothing happens ? How to fix this issue

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