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How to install your Jockey Shift Gear Jammer Kit

Watch this for a step-by-step guide to installing the LSC Jockey Shift Gear Jammer Kit. Remember- if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 937-879-4645


  1. Do u know anyone that makes these for honda 750cb

  2. Do you make these for a honda750f

  3. starting off with The Sword okay okayyyy

  4. Will I need longer bolts to install the behind the leg kit to the primary??

  5. I feel like you filmed this on a flip phone

  6. The bike looks & sounds good, a very clean ride. Congratulations!
    Growing up in the early 60s and 70s, I hung around older boys from my neighbourhood who were chopping down Harley trikes and side cars (bought at police auctions & army surplus).
    Many of those chopped bikes had a foot (rocket type) clutch, a hand shifter (3 forward & reverse 😎) usually on/by the gas tank. Rigid frame and a kicker of course. Now, if you want to use the term ‘suicide clutch’ rightly, you have to have these 4 things on a motorcycle:
    1) 2 wheels (no side car or trike)
    2) A ‘foot clutch’ (not the rocker)
    3) A ‘hand shift’
    My own ride is a custom built (2008), with a softail chopper frame (Rolling Thunder), an S & S shovelhead (93ci) with a foot clutch and a jockey shift and a front (disc) brake, NOT a true ‘suicide clutch’ set up.
    Having a ‘foot clutch’ & a ‘hand shift’, doesn’t make it a ‘suicide clutch’, sorry. Some even call that set up a ‘suicide shifter’. I saw a product called a ‘suicide shifter’. The clutch lever is on the shifter (stick) instead of handle bar. Not cool and dangerous at low speed in first gear…
    There is nothing suicidal about a hand shift/foot clutch combination if you have brakes on the front wheel. The ‘rocker foot clutch’ is something else but basically the same. Some like it better.
    The reason it’s called a ‘suicide clutch’, is because with this set up, the rider can't stop on an upward incline for a street light, a stop sign or for any other reasons unless he has a buddy riding along behind who would put his front tire against your rear wheel to hold your motorcycle from rolling back.
    Hand shifting a motorcycle is not dangerous or that difficult and it’s ‘cool’, I love mine, but without front brakes, it could be ‘tricky’ at times to say the least.
    I lived through those times and it’s just my opinion and there’s probably more to it. You can call it whatever you want, it’s your ride.😎

  7. Nice video about installing a foot clutch with a cable, but you should investigate the ‘hydraulic’ foot clutch control, it’s a good option. By the way, your set up is not a jokey shift, you should know better… Cheers…😎

  8. I would like to do this with an automatic clutch

  9. THAT. IS COOL. I'm only nervous about cutting the clutch cable, then re-inserting it into the casing end. wow, Thanks man !

  10. That's a tank shifter not a Jockey shifter

  11. man I'm spoiled by the HD videos these days.

  12. I bought one of there back when fun kit but for the price it should come with a cable you don't have to cut up being motion pro will make you a nice one for 28 buck and shifter should be threaded for a regular nob so when the set screw vibrates loos and it goes flying you can screw a new cool nob of choice on then it would be a good value for those who can't cut and weld metal if your cheap you can build one for 50 bucks lol

  13. KYUSS. This took me back! Thanks from Sydney Australia. 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 TRUMP 2020!

  14. How do you get the clutch to spring back can't seem to get mine to do it

  15. Great vid. Noticed one inch man as audio. Perfect.

  16. Step one buy a mans bike not a skirtster. Lmao

  17. I like your clutch system can it be fitted to a Low rider S 2017

  18. If you want to see a real one,go to 03 big dog jockey shift

  19. It's NOT A JOCKEY SHIFT that would be BELOW your left knee this is more of a tank shift…

  20. nice video can you get that all in chrome? will subscribe I got a 2005 sportster 1200

  21. a Jockey shift has NO ratchet-top shifting tower. first is back at your ass. second is at your hip. third at your knee. fourth just above the primary. unless you are using the shifting gate bracket on the side of your tank. a suicide clutch has no device to hold the clutch dissingaged. your foot sliding off in traffic because you dabbed your foot down if your bike running and IN GEAR started tilting to the left…and OFF YOU GO ! Hence, the term 'suicide clutch'. A gearbox fitted with a ratchet top and a hand shifter is called..A GYPSY shift.
    I rode this way for over 20 years. You are all welcome for this accurate tutorial from the old days.

  22. Can I get one of these Kits for a 1988 Sportster.. Building a Hard Tail out of it…cant seem to find a set up like this anywhere..

  23. great video,,but not a jockey shift that's a suicide shift

  24. to complicated for everyone ,need to be a mechanic

  25. Do you guys make a kit for twin cam 96ci fi

  26. excelent video do you have a kit to fit 1200 sportsters thans im going to subscribe i want to put one on my sportster hell im 65 haha

  27. What kinda bike is that sir?

  28. That seems complicated to ride with

  29. live to ride- ride to live!!! Brasil sorocaba são paulo.  vila haro!!!

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