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How to install GR Corolla Fire Extinguisher Bracket / Mount

Are you like us, and wanting to test the full potential of your GR Corolla at the track? Well, with this in mind, we have created the Flow Designs Fire Extinguisher Bracket/Mounfor GR Corolla models.

Proudly designed and manufactured right here in Australia, and with CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) and AASA (Australian Auto-Sport Alliance) regulations taken into consideration, this extinguisher bracket brings you one step closer to enjoying your pride and joy on any weekend.

Made from black powder-coated 3mm thick stainless steel, the GR Corolla Fire Extinguisher Bracket fits discreetly under the seats using the OEM mounting locations with no drilling required. We provide you with high-tensile mounting hardware, so if your ambition exceeds your ability or if you have a crucial moment, your extinguisher is located securely and in easy reach.

Given the international popularity of the GR Corolla brand, the Flow Designs fire extinguisher bracket fits both right-hand drive and left-hand drive delivered vehicles.
Order yours today, and we will see you out there on the racing line.

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