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How To Install Front Suspension on Your Harley Touring Motorcycle

Installation of front suspension is a semi easy job you can do at home. Usually takes 2 hours from start to finish. I did not replace seals due to it being a brand new bike with very low miles. if you have higher miles get a rebuild kit.
Tools needed are as follows.
Motorcycle jack
Fork seal driver
6 in extension
Half in drive ratchet
Half in drive foot Lb torque wrench
1/4 hex socket
6mm hex socket
t25 socket
3/4 hex socket
4in 12mm hex socket
15/16 socket
impact wrench
You can google torque specs
Get your suspension from www.rideh2.com
Bike in this video is a 2023 RGST that was lowered from 13in shocks to 11in shocks in the rear and a -1 front cartridge
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  1. Nice video. Yeah, I think i will have somebody else do the front suspension, when I'm ready. Think that is past my skill level. 🤣

  2. Great video Tweedle ! Thank you again and thank you to DDK again as well!!

  3. great job Tweedle, cant wait till the next time we get to hang out in the shop.

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