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HardiePlank Lap Siding Install Video

Watch this to learn how to install HardiePlank, James Hardie’s World-Famous Fiber Cement Lap Siding.


  1. I see in many of these hardi installation videos no one uses adhesive; is that not recommended by James Hardi ?

  2. Lol zombi i just drove off a bridge laughing 😂

  3. is it sold as an individual plank or as a bundle of 12?

  4. I am about to do this to the front of my house. My concern is the sheathing being exposed as the illustration at 1:25 demonstrates. I do not want a drip edge trapping water beneath the siding. How do I protect the bottom of the sheathing from splash ups. Ridge runs parallel to front of house so all the rain runs off roof and splashes onto house. Any suggestions much appreciated.

  5. Why use hardie board instead of regular siding?

  6. Gaaa! This guy is a zombie!

  7. Please help me with a colour of the plank used in this video. Apreciate it

  8. Can you install Hardieplank on cement wall?

  9. Always install a rain screen system! Vertical strapping behind hardie for drainage and drying via stack effect.

  10. Is there a program that works with Eagle View to give you a material list for Hardie???

  11. Thank you very much Mr. Roboto.

  12. This guy reminds me of Joe Biden giving a speech. Lol

  13. Will 15 gauge finish nails e good? No 1/2" insulation behind hardie?

  14. what does colonial mean when it comes to hardie siding, does it refer to the grain and if so what is the difference between colonial and non colonial

  15. Eyyy it's the Dr. Pepper Ballpark here in Frisco Texas! Y'all based in DFW area?

  16. What a lame video – have no idea what you are saying ?? How about a How To for people who dont know how – the normal non construction people

  17. Been a while since I installed hardboard. Thanks for the refresher course.

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