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Join me as I travel with Colleen Ballinger on her Miranda Sings Live tour! Today we are in Amsterdam!
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  1. Who here is dutch too? XD XD XD

  2. luv ya kory 😂❤️❤️❤️

  3. Omg the voice over is everything 😂

  4. Hahaha! After we get married, we'll move to Amsterdam?

  5. I went to the sex museum in Amsterdam too! Hope you had fun in all the coffee shops and got to see all the art! Such a beautiful city <3

  6. Kory, you make me laugh! Thank you for making me feel happy.

  7. this video was soooooooooooooo entertaining

  8. I love you Kory <3 i know its hard what you're going thru but just know that there are people out there that you don't even know in person (like me) but love you, you are so strong, you can do it !!! 💖

  9. Thats mine city! So proud off it.. Only that sex things en drugs..

  10. Why can't I see your recent vids?? I could of swore u posted recently about the poo problem. Did you take the vid down??? Anyhoo loves u kory!!

  11. Why hasn’t he uploaded recently??

  12. Kory where have you been?

  13. This video with Kory's commentary makes me want to go to Amsterdam. 😄 also, the intro. 😂

  14. Sugary American cereals aimed at kids are sold in candy stores…. makes sense.

  15. 3:54 they better not have run over that duck

  16. That's funny how american cereal is sold in candy stores. I guess that is their way of saying we put so much sugar in them that they are in the same category as candy.

  17. So when will you upload a new video again, Kory? I am missing you!

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