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How To Add Images As Album Art To Downloaded Songs On Your Android Device (Samsung a13)

This is a video intended for a tutorial to get album art to downloaded tracks on Android devices instead of the default “album art” with “musical notes in a box”. I used my new phone (Samsung a13) but can be used with other Android phones/devices (I also have a Galaxy Halo and a Samsung A02s) so yeah. Here are some steps to get you going:

Step 1: Go to “Google Play Store”

Step 2: Find and install both “Music Player” and then “Album Art/Cover Finder”

Step 3: Open YouTube, enter a song you want into a search bar, then click on one of the videos.

Step 4: Go down and click “Share”, then hit “Copy Link” (which will copy it to Clipboard)

Step 5: Find a YouTube to MP3 converter, (I use ytmp3.nu) and then click on the bar and enter the link to the video you have stored in the clipboard then hit “Convert”. Wait for it, and click “Download” and then you’ll see a downwards arrow show up at the top and “Starting Download” at the bottom.

Step 6: Open up the Internet Browser, then go to Google then select “Images”. Search for what you want (you can type in the song and add “YouTube” after). Find an image you like, open it and and hold down on the image and select “Save Image”, (but to be on the safe side, click “View Image” so it can open it in a bigger screen. Then hit “Save Image.”

Step 7:
Next, go back to your home screen and open up the “Album Art/Cover Finder” app (it’ll say “Cover Art” underneath the logo)

Step 8:
Go to “Downloads” in the album section then select the track. Select a track and there will be 3 symbols below the track to the right (“Gallery”, “Play”, and a “Pencil”. )

Step 9: Select the “Gallery” symbol, and choose the photo you saved. A thing will show up asking you to allow it. Hit “Allow”. Once that goes away, close the tabs, and open “Music Player”.

And finally you will see the song(s) you downloaded with the image you selected cover.
Note: you may have to have some settings in Music Player changed. I’ll give the steps for that in the comments.

Anyways, thank you for tuning in and enjoy this video-leave a like and subscribe!!:)


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