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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise” | DUST

A likeness of humans, robots are a reality in the future. The only thing that distinguishes us from them is that we can still control them – but for how long if they have assumed the characteristics that seemed to identify us as human beings? How long? if we exceed by them in physical force. The promise is a short film that looks at the future reality of a world in which those things created by man are a step to be confused with us.

“The Promise” by Erwin Jaquez

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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Promise” | DUST


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    One man's search for his kidnapped daughter causes his reality to unravel.

  2. Excellent even at a second viewing.

  3. Don't get it. Was pit-sweat-man doing illegal stuff?

  4. Who doesn't love a good Sci-Fap story? By the way, the description of the video above is very poorly written and kind of confusing.

  5. Both players were automated humaniods, he's not bloody nor bruised from her assault

  6. Her motivation is a sense of having been abused. This is not made clearly enough.

  7. Leave it to the Spanish/Mexicans et all to finally Star a pretty slim young girl wearing only white bikini panties. And the world didn’t implode. Gotta Love it!

  8. I'd make her breakfast in bed.

  9. It was a black day allowed with the great and continual modification of batteries Hi

  10. please make a movie about this short film

  11. The uniformed lady looked Soviet. High rise windows like that are unbreakable.


  12. It's basically a scene, not really a short. 2011

  13. I lost all concept of this clip with how gorgeous and sexual she is lol.

  14. Yeah…, she's
    30 000 000 views, Superbeauty project ! 😢

  15. So. Franco and the fascists? This certainly reminded me of Spain under the Franco.

  16. The robot listens to a news broadcast in Russian. It this connected to the plot?

  17. Я нифига не понял☹️

  18. Whos the woman he smiles at?

  19. There was something else that is important to this story, please read my comment earlier, when he threw off his white doctors jacket on the bed that was saying to her that he is more than a doctor he also is her lover. As part of his experiment with her he must have become very intimate and she thought he loved her. That is why she became jealous and later violent and very confused. Like a child experiencing affection for the first time. We all see the same story and we have many different interpretations. That is what a good story is all about.

  20. Wow, what a powerful short story. I had to watch it twice to come up with this comment. The story is about introducing emotions to a protype beautiful android, The doctor was experimenting with it against the advice of some other scientists. The android was obviously confused by these feelings and was becoming fidgety in the room by herself. This brought the doctor back in to examine her. The examination brought out more emotions of sensuality in the android and she tried to kiss her creator the doctor who said that was not allowed. this frustrated the android more who couldn't understand her feelings that was love at first and then quickly switched to hate. It shows the fine line between these two powerful emotions and how quickly they can change when not fully understood. The doctor was trying to disengage her with his hand-device but it was knocked out of his hand. Since it was a controlled environment security saw this trouble and intervened. Which led to the destruction of the android, The lady security officer gave the look to the doctor of "I told you so" and left. the doctor was disappointed that his experiment failed and threw the emotion device out the broken window. I think he became a little attached to the beautiful android, you could tell by the way he stared at her during the physical examination. I think the moral of the short story is how volatile emotions can become when unchecked, and this is true in our lives as well. The promise I have not figured out unless it's between the android and the doctor whereby he promised to take care of her during the experiment. Wow great story. Thank you Dust.

  21. Marsha here
    Sooooo why did Jesus walk on water???

  22. Juvenile. Objectification of women again. Ironically a futuristic film using tired old fantasies. Meh…

  23. Worst Dust short I've seen

  24. And thats why you become an actor

  25. I LOVE, LOVE Tatiana De Leon, and her Mexican Spanish accent. I knew she was Mexican as soon as I heard her speak. Great short film!!!

  26. I just wanna know why TF this is on a Metallica instrumentals playlist 😂😂😂😂

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