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How to install WordPress using Wampserver on a PC

In this tutorial I take you through the steps in installing WordPress using Wampserver locally on your PC. Once installed you can create a WordPress website offline before transferring it to a live server on the internet. See articles and other tips at http://www.egeekmedia.com.au


  1. well done video I would put the images I want to use in for example imagesdir in htdoc??

  2. You are an excellent teacher, mate! I made it to install it and before you I tried it for weeks with a lot of different tutorials

  3. Thanks so much for the video a friend of mine gave me the wampserver and WordPress i was on able to used it but after watching your video i can now work on word press.

  4. when i click localhost/wordpress it shows your server is running php version 5.512 but wordpress 5.8 requires at least 5.6.20

  5. Dude, I know you created this video a long time ago… but today you saved my butt!
    Thank you. I had one failure after another with bitnami and wamp until I watched
    your video and then, finally, the wamp-wordpress installations worked. Yeah!

  6. Okay but how do I get it without the /?

  7. Thanks so so much you have thought me alot

  8. Thanks I was searcching this video forever, where someone should show me how to get WordPress, thank you o:O

  9. Thanks, very good presentation, still relevant in 2020.

  10. best video i found on installation of wordpress ….. thnku sir for made this video ☺☺

  11. thanks ……………….you elaborate very well…

  12. Thanks a lot sir i tried so many things like mamp, Xampp but nothing worked on my system due to localhost connectivity issue but wmap perfectly worked and your video helped me to do this… Thanks a lot

  13. Very good..it would be helpful if you can increase the volume a bit more

  14. if i already have my website backed up from another server, and i'v unzipped that backup to a safe place, would it be possible to copy that backed up website to the wamp server www folder?

  15. Thank you Tim, great tutorial for installing wamp and wp, very easy going!

  16. Thank you so much. I really got lost during the lesson and didn't understand.

  17. Hi everyone I have installed the app and its color is green but if I click on PHPMYADMIN, it doesn't open. And if go to LOCALHOST> phpinfo(), it shows error "This site can’t be reached" can someone help, please.

  18. Amazing tutorial! Just what I need. It worked perfectly! Thank u so much.

  19. Don't waste your time with WAMP. I spent 2 days trying to get WordPress to work with WAMP on 4 different machines. Finally, I tried XAMPP and it worked. Just look at WAMP's troubleshooting FAQ list. It's a mess. It reads like something from the 1970's.

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  21. In url it shows localhost/wordpress instead of domain name ?

  22. Thank you bro i used wordpress on Window in 2016 then i move to linux in 2017 in where i got a job of webdeveloper in some company and in 2019 i got a freerance project for wordpress but what chocked me this video also worked in linux thank you bro you saved me

  23. a really good tutorial, thanks really helpfull

  24. I really thank you bro very very good tutorial again thank you……

  25. When I clicked "php my admin", it asks me to log in. Didn't see that being mentioned in the video. Also, my wamp icon is orange and not green. Can someone help please?

  26. See a couple of videos and stuck. Finally, found this video and follow this video step by step to the end, very clear and helpful. Thanks Tim.

  27. Hi, I downloaded Wamp before it worked and I had to factory reset my laptop. Now I try to install it again but it says dll is missing. I downloaded a bunch of visual c++ but nothing works. Please help

  28. Excellent in detail well done barvooo

  29. hi, I did the process but after clicking on phpmyadmin it's asking for user name & Password…what should I do?

  30. Thank you very much, it really helped

  31. Was feeling like a technology dummie all of a sudden since it took me so long to install WP, Thanks!

  32. i cant thank you enough ..i was stuck on stupid MAMP for windows from 2 days…watching and searching solutions all over the internet which don't work at all …finally your video helped

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