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How to Install a 3 Prong Power Cord on an Electric Stove/Range

Leah of Seejanedrill explains the differences between a 3 and 4 prong power cord for an electric range/stove. Leah also explains how one can determine which power cord they may need for their new appliance. In addition, Seejanedrill demonstrates how to install a 3 prong power cord on a new electric range/stove.
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  1. That was an awesome video, I for one like to watch your videos, some stuff I know about some stuff I don’t. This was a very informative video. I will add that the middle terminal where the neutral white wire is attached had a copper colored ground clip that was connected to the terminal block as well as to the frame with that green screw under the neutral terminal block. This is an important part of that just as a reminder for those who use the three prong cord to make sure that that ground clip is there before installation of that cord. It is a safety thing. Most times it’s in the form of a clip as shown in your video, others have a green grounding wire attached to the frame somewhere and it’s attached to the neutral terminal block. That’s really the only difference between the four prong cord and the three prong is that grounding clip or wire. I’ll tell you the main reason being for that is that if for some reason one of those hot wires ( black and red) were to somehow come loose or gets knocked somehow and touches the frame it will trip the breaker after drawing an insane amount of current in a short amount of time due to grounding out. On a four prong that clip is removed or that grounding wire that came attached to the frame is removed from the neutral terminal block and the fourth grounding wire which will be green an color coded will be attached straight to the frame separated from the neutral terminal block. The reason why most new houses or construction have the four prong receptacles and cords for appliances is also for safety reasons. While the three prong plug can be swapped with another three prong plug and be ok in old work however in new work since the neutral is separated from the ground it becomes another safety barrier. Most don’t know that the neutral carries the return current from the two hot wires when the appliances are using the 120 volts things within the appliances like the lights and clock. Essentially what it’s doing when using a three prong plug is mixing the ground and neutral and hence all the return current is not only going through the white neutral but also the entire metal frame of the appliance and the concern comes in for instance if the white wire from the plug somehow gets loose from the terminal block now there’s no path for the current to flow and if you touch it you become the path back to the source. This is why they separated the neutral and ground in new wiring where just the ground wire is attached to the frame to carry the current in a fault instead of your body. And also since they are separated in a four prong cord the current goes through the 120 volt accessories and travels back through the neutral without being in contact with the metal frame. Now that might be a bit much information for a simple video that you posted which was great by the way. This was moreso for one of the comments where someone asked about a video on the 4 prong cord. That’s just the worded version. I’m sure you’ll add another video on that later. I can’t wait for the next video you do. I get lots of ideas from most of your videos and like I said a lot of stuff you talk about or do videos on I wouldn’t really have thought about like different types of tools and all the key features of the different tools. I would have never thought about a chalk line also doubling up as a plum bob. It never crossed my mind until that video so thanks for that.

  2. Hey. Long time no see.i was wondering where you were,like a week ago. When I started using YouTube. Lol r u still around? 2023? Ur videos are awesome!. I cut one off a stove,today out for garbage. Scrapping the copper,and brass prongs.

  3. I’m so grateful for your thorough explanation and time taken in the video. You explained risks, concerns, and step by step process without being extra. As a woman who was raised by an incredible mom who was bold in learning things like this, your video made me emotional today. Thank you for helping others and myself learn.

  4. Thank you for this very informative video!!

  5. I don’t know how many times I’ve been lost and your videos always save my day. Thank you so much for the content you put out❤. I always look like I know what I’m doing after I watch your videos. No one knows how lost I was prior to watching😂. Thank you Ma’am. You saved the day.

  6. You are AWESOME! Thank you! ❤

  7. I watches 4 videos she's a great instructor very thorough

  8. very good video, good footage. good pace, good explanation. you did well on this one

  9. Very good video thank you !

  10. Thank you for posting this it’s exactly what I needed tonight after buying this exact cord. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything!

    Which I almost did until I saw your oven how the neutral spot had that piece of metal bent down and and attached to the ground screw. Since I was chancing from 4 to 3 prong my oven had never had that piece bent down before and I had to do that.

    Woulda missed it without this probably! Thanks!

  11. Great video will be doing this myself!!!! Does the strain relief thing comes with the stove or do I have to buy that separately?

  12. Jane, you rock! Thank you.v

  13. I needed to know what wire was what and you explained it. Middle goes in the middle and the others can go to either. Thanks!

  14. Thank you!! I was panicking as my 2 outside got mixed up while flipping cords on a broken to new range at work and I need confirmation it wouldn't be an issue bc they are both live! Just switched to doing maintenance after 14 yrs as a caregiver! Love it but still learning and always double checking my work!

  15. Thanks a lot for making this video and explain the process so well, specially the interchangeable cable thing, I was afraid of doing it wrong . My stove is all set now!

  16. Omg thank you I was quoted $220 but after finding your video I was able to do it myself ❤

  17. Great video. Did not have to pay for it!

  18. Cool video thank you this helped me at my house

  19. You are the only person that clarified which hot wires go to red and black. No one else explains they are interchangeable. Thank you.


  21. You are the best thank you so much I am a single Widow and I purchased an electric stove with the wrong cord I bought the new cord I saw your video watched it twice and I did it thank you so much you are the best I will be watching you from now on

  22. Your videos are so helpful. I've done a lot of the small jobs around my house thanks to you, Leah! Thank you for what you do!

  23. Wow was having trouble understanding the colors .thank you. Awesome video

  24. Late to the party but that video was super helpful. Very easy to understand and follow. I am curious about the ground? It has a ground and didn’t mention that. I’m sure some people would like to know when installing it like me haha

  25. Thank you so much. I needed to change my friends 4 prong to a 3 prong. Ironically… Her name is also Leah. 😅 very helpful and gave it a like.

  26. Leah always does a great job. 🙂

  27. Great video. CLEAR instructions every step of the way! Very understandable voice.

  28. You are excellent at explaining thing and you do great work thank you so much

  29. Two things. The middle wire of the cord goes to WHITE on the terminal block; not necessarily the CENTER of the terminal block, though center is most common. Second, tighten the strain relief AFTER attaching all three wires to the terminal block, not before.

  30. GREAT JOB !! I was looking for dry info , but you were there !!! I was dizzfuzied when my new ( 3 wire ) dryer wire was not marked ??? The only thing Safety Mike would add is to mention the fuse box ? That I know , the new wire I didn't THANKS !!

  31. Your the best.
    Thanks for taking time to share.
    God Bless you

  32. Thank you so much for this super clear information! Saved me today!

  33. I really appreciate your help, you got me out of a bind. Awesome video.. keep em up

  34. She puts the hay down where the goats can get to it. Great video.

  35. If I am just replacing my old range to a new one..I'm assuming I can just disconnect my old power cable and connect it to the new range? so I don't need to buy new power cable. Is this okay or not advisable?

  36. Ok so I plugged in my cord before hooking it up.🤦🏾‍♀️

  37. You answered my question since the wires weren’t color coated I was going to buy a $40 cord that was color coated now I can buy a $25 one like you have. Bravo and thanks for explaining the way to hook up the stove wiring properly.

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