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How to repair a synthetic leather sofa



  1. Describing what you are doing along with the products you have used to do this would be really nice!! You’re method looks good, but it’s not helpful to me at all! God at least tell us each process you do and what products to use! I just wasted 15 min of my time! ☹️☹️

  2. That music is annoying.I can hardly watch video

  3. then the first time you sit on it, it cracks and before you know it you are back where you started.
    I have a black couch that went the same way exactly and it started from me using it as a day bed when I was sick. the warmth of my body just lifted all the fake leather. I was told by the way that it was real leather when I bought it. Never again. Cloth for me.

  4. In 2021, has anyone found a quicker way to repair a badly peeling vinyl couch?

  5. What is the product you rolled on first?

  6. Would've been nice if you posted what you used.

  7. For all that work no thanks! My patience is very limited

  8. What does the sofa feel like afterwards? Does it feel similar to the original? How long has this held up?

  9. the music is very annoying.

  10. Looks good enough to list on eBay as " hardly used" 🤣

  11. Can this also work for jackets?

  12. If you are at this point, buy a new sofa

  13. Who the fuck paints their couch?

  14. Too much music not enough tutorial….How do we know the final pictures are of the renovated couch. CRAP VIDEO.

  15. Cud have shown the label on the paint tin . It’s good, but not helping unless you tell us what you used in it.. thank you …

  16. Hi!! Nice video. I have a black colour sofa and it is also peeling off the same way but only at some places and the inner layer is off-white colour cloth material. I just want to fix it enough to resale it, i.e. at minimal cost. Can u please help me in this regard. Please… Thank you.

  17. That is a great deal of Time and Patience

    Try my DIY Leather/Vinyl Conditioner below

    The sofa situation a great example for purchasing – Fabric, or a product that comes with a Guarantee.

    Also, when one does purchase Leather or a durable Faux Leather –
    Use 1 Tablespoon of Murphy's Wood Oil Soap, and 1/8 teaspoon of coconut oil
    Mix in medium warm water 1 – 1 1/2 gallons water and use a car Sponge with an old T shirt over it, (don't saturate the material – just wipe it down and use another old T shirt to come behind and dry.

    Then use the drying rag and Pledge – Spray on Rag and Go over the piece 2 – 3 times.

    Cleaned and Conditioned and helps the material maintain elasticity

    No – Do not use Armor All – All thev Guys know better than that.

  18. Can you tell me what brand of primer and paint used for that changes?

  19. Can you provide a list on the products used?

  20. Nice technic. Thanks Just an FYI that there is also the option of sofa slipcover to keep in mind. Just got mine for $45

  21. So much work ima just get a couch cover

  22. Paint stripper is an acid based product,if you do this surely the acid will attack the leather and slowly continue eating away at the leather.
    Maybe you need to neutralize it before painting ?

  23. Olà gostei do trabalho e consegui ver que os produtos que utilisou são portugueses ou brasileiros, certo? A pergunta que tenho é se de seguida apilicou uma tinta elastica especifica. E quando fala de "final product", seria o quê? Tenho um sofa preto que danificado em certos lugares e gostaria de recupera-lo ou mesmo mudar de cor.

  24. I have a two year old faux couch peeling too , I am considering trying duct tape instead of all this painting and sanding stuff…

  25. Damn good job, looks brand new!

  26. I enjoyed this. Can you tell me what did you use?

  27. Thank you. It was enlightening. You made it look so easy.

  28. let's see some video of peoples faces when the sit on it.

  29. Great job, I might try it. Will post results if I do. I love my sofa and really don't want to part with it, it's super comfortable. Thx.😆

  30. I don't really think that's a satisfying final product.!

  31. My goodness, he's handsome. You can repair my couch anytime cutie pie. 😉

  32. and one that will split and peel.

  33. most people also don't know own that
    the term "genuine leather" does not mean "quality" leather. genuine leather is actually the lowest grade you can possibly buy.

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