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How To Fix Lenovo Hard Drive Not Found, Hard Drive Not Detected, No Hard Drive, No HDD Error

Use this video to assist you with the following common errors; No HDD Found, HDD Not Found, HDD Not Detected, No Boot Device. Boot Device Not Found. No Bootable Device. Exiting PXE ROM. If the steps seen here dont help, keep in mind that this video has been updated as mentioned above. The new video help with a diagnostic test that is found on many Lenovo computers. Feel free to comment or ask questions 🙂

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Q: These steps dont work or I cant locate and change those BIOS settings.
A: 1. Are you able to access BIOS and find any Recovery or Repair options?
2. If you cant locate and change these BIOS settings in your Lenovo or changing them does not work, then can you access and run the diagnostic test as seen here in this updated video? https://youtu.be/ML2tSMCSREc

How To Create Win10 Install Media Free: https://youtu.be/YbC4jZVwQm4
How To Install Windows 10 : https://youtu.be/dxmJOYXkhPU.
How To Create Win11 Install Media Free: https://youtu.be/WIxDYRBVbmk
How To Install Windows 11 : https://youtu.be/NWZQ_mcHcho
If you cant create your own, you may have to purchase it. You can see an example of a good install media USB in the Repair Tools list here; https://www.amazon.com/shop/pcmonkey.
If that fails, then the issue is most likely a bad Hard Drive. Replace as seen here; https://youtu.be/uZkmsJW5bbc, and install Windows to the new drive.



  1. This video has been updated here: https://youtu.be/ML2tSMCSREc.
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  2. I don’t have the UEFI option all i have is EFI option which can’t be changed

  3. Thank you good sir, switching to legacy worked. Windows automatic repair screen came up. I updated bios from the hard drive exe sent me for a loop
    Saying system ran into a problem inaccessible boot device
    Did I wipe my ssd?

  4. You did not mention one important thing. That is Intel the VMD controller. In some cases that might be the problem, such as Lenovo Intel 11 gen laptops for example (it may happen with some other Intel generations). So what happens, the NVMe SSD will not bi visible for the operating system, after the initial setup, where you choose where to install the operating system to. The solution, you need to disable the Intel VMD controller and switch it to an AHCI mode, only then you will be able to continue with the installation.

  5. Hey man. I have this problem but here's the thing: Only my particular SSD is not being read. But when I put the SSD is other readers, it's being read. So basically my laptop is rejecting the one SSD that came default with the laptop.

  6. There's no "Boot Mode" in my Lenovo Bios Boot Tab

  7. In the boot mode i found enable or disable i haven't found leguacy support and i can't install windows

  8. none of this help me, same old 2100 detection error ssd1 m.2

  9. Hey, my system went into a automatic repair after this hack and asking to reset the pc. But its not happening. Kimdly help

  10. Hello sir can you help me my Drive D keeps on disappearing after I opened my Laptop it stays for a while then it won't show again, It doesn't even show on disk management, please help

  11. When i Go uefi dont Show ssd

  12. Thank you so much it worked

  13. Im using a lenovo MIIX 520-12IKB,

    I've been using a wireless mouse and keyboard. I cant seem to log on with my print or password.

    Please help…😢

  14. Hi , im having windows 10 in ssd and mx linux in hdd. Linux installed with uefi . I couldn't see windows in bios after installing linux. I have checked with uefi and legacy support options.
    Also i couldn't see the secure boot option in bios as well what to do? 😢

  15. i cant change the date for some reason whenever i try changing the date it just goes back to what it was earlier

  16. Not able to get boot mode option even though secure boot is disabled

  17. Hey,i've got a legion gaming laptop, my problem is that i dont see Legacy option,Can you help me

  18. I have following tutorial like that and still have problem "no bootable device detected and then hit any key"

    please give me solution sir

  19. Hi I having trouble finding my windows and my phone can connect to my laptop but my modem won't connect

  20. What if my boot mode only has the "quick" and "diagnostics" options. I dont have legacy support so pls help

  21. Can I send you some money pls? You've just saved me from a heart attack. Works like a charm.

  22. On my Lenovo ideapad 3-14ITL05 I don’t have boot mode to switch to legacy support please help. I installed my new SSD and for some reason I got boot manager:(

  23. Fixxed the west coast time. Quick fix 😎

  24. Hey of monkey I tried it but it did not work my laptop mini I turn it and then it instantly shuts down what should I do to fix it😢

  25. I have a problem to inter hard-disk security I try many times

  26. Laptop not even after trying your method

  27. 5time u saving me 🎉🎉🎉

  28. Under Boot, Boot mode option does not even show up….

  29. You mentioned everything except the exact issue when it shows no HDD detected

  30. you try to turn on secure boot if it's in bios
    also unplug usb and ore type c,…
    – that's how i fixed it

  31. Excellent info guy. I'm trying to fix a friend's Lenova LT. You've provided a video that other folks making videos for the Internet should emulate. Can't thank you enough!

  32. My new sdd Kingston dont work just black screen and error 1962 on it, but when i put my old in agian its working without any problems..

  33. Hi, I still can't change UEFI to LEGACY even with Secure Boot set to Disabled (it already was. System time and date were wrong but entering the correct and rebooting didn't help. Sounds like issue with SSD? This is a 2022 Thinkbook.

  34. Thanks for video. I don’t see any HDD or DVD attached and neither do I have power to those devices (unable to install OS or open DVD tray!

  35. Sir i already change secure boot from enabled to disabled.but boot mode cant change from UEF I to legacy

  36. Sir my laptop doesn't have boot mode, what to do?

  37. What do I do If I'm on a legion

  38. My issue was "Intel Platform Trust Technology" was enabled after a BIOS update, causing the boot drive to not be found. I disabled "Intel Platform Trust Technology" and it was able to find the boot drive and boot again.

  39. I change hdd to ssd but can't reach windows and repeating restart. I try to find boot options in boot menu but I can't find it. Please help ..

  40. Um I can’t find boot mode k have checked every where…

  41. Thanks to your instructions provided, I was able to re-access the SSD on my Lenovo machine just switching the UEFI mode to Legacy at BIOS. Thanks very much for your helpful video.

  42. I have two hard disks, one with lenovo originally with win10 OS and another SSD HDD (year back installed/added SSD with 2nd OS win 11 has been working both HD ok) recently I have needed to format, reinstalled windows 11 then when opened win11, 2nd hard disk quite able to see n access all data in to but in bios this original Hard disk drive disappeared!!! With bios legacy option able to see both HD but original HD win10 not able to boot through, automatically win11 loading…how can retrave this win10? Please advise 🙏

  43. Hi,
    Am having trouble with a Lenovo Ideapad 3 14ADA05, where my SSD doesn't seem to boot up or enter the bios menu to try and reinstall the windows … Any advise?

  44. Boot options (uefi to legacy) not showing in the bios , what to do?

  45. What about when there is no boot mode in BIOS?

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