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The Ian Garry Problem & How To Fix It

In this video I discuss the recent news surrounding Ian Garry vs The MMA Guru as well as a plan to save Ian Garry from his situation. I also discuss upcoming fights such as Bobby Green vs Jalin Turner. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.
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  1. Ian garry is only 26. Hes 26 and an athlete theres a high chance that he like must of us dont have much experience with women and how to navigate them. Yall are too deep in his private life and need to relax its easy to have all this to say when you on the outside looking in

  2. He took her last name, he's done for

  3. Did you see the one where Ian Garry, his wife, khamzat and his wife were in the elevator and when Ian refused to throw a punch at khamzat, his wife called him a pu$$y.
    He laughed about it recalling the story, but it’s not actually funny, it’s horrifying.

  4. You making fun of his Vegan diet is always so funny

  5. Jack Hermansson is the perfect example of " Good guys always finish last ", the UFC has made him a gatekeeper, he never dodges any fights and takes on all fighters and that will lead to his downfall.

  6. Ever just from that short clip you can tell she has that fucking look in her eyes. Her ex husband is there too, wow

  7. Ian Garry is lame asl. However.. he’s a badass fighter. We watch him cuz he’s a fighter. Who tf cares about his personal life??? We’re not his friends. We are watchers/fans of the sport he competes in. And he’s very good at what he does lol. This is so weird

  8. Redd Pill MMA have been covering this for a while. Go check it. Need to check your coverage. Some good ideas there. Do it.

  9. Spat my tea out at the tofurkey and soyboy bites holy fuck haha, Lucas you a funny mofo

  10. he could get a lot of girls but chose this weird arrangement with a 40 yr old. Respect LMAO

  11. Ladies and gentlemen seems like izzy is in for 298 light heavyweight on his ig

  12. You know the Diaz Bros are vegetarian right? ( No I'm not defending Cuchado)

  13. Ian Garry never ceases to amaze me with how simp he can be

  14. Let him go on a 3 fight skid or get cut from the ufc and let’s see how supportive she and the ex are then

  15. Happy Thanksgiving Lucas 🦃🍽️⛄

  16. bobby green is going to counter turner all day

  17. Aside from McGregor, no MMA fighter makes the 💰 to have a WAG.

  18. Garry is a clown, but as a fighter the soy boy will take out a lot of people. Mark my words he will be World Champ. Pity he is a knob.

  19. I hate to say it, but Ian Garry needs to talk to Andrew Tate

  20. David Goggins is harder than guys from favelas. Yes carrotop yes. The only time goggins is harder than those guys is when goggins dreams of training guys from favelas, the sweet sweet trauma he can use as fuel to push them on treadmills.

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