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How To Fix Savage Rascal Light Primer Strikes and Misfires

This video will show you how to address/fix/repair the incessant light primer strikes that cause misfires and plague the Savage Rascal .22 LR, an otherwise good firearm. We will walk you through removing the firing pin and using the small metal file to carefully bevel the corners of the rim strike surface at approx. 50 degrees. This will reduce the frontal surface area, lowering resistance and allowing for deeper penetration into the cartridge rim. We will also show you how to use the small file to carefully reduce the protrusion of the breech strike surface by a few thousandths of an inch. This will allow a slightly deeper impact without the risk of damaging the breech.



Non-Marring Hammer, 1/16″ punch, 1/8” roll-pin punch, Flat-surfaced, Precision Metal File and an armorers stone [optional]


Dasco Pro 11 Roll Pin Punch Kit (6 Piece): https://ebay.to/2luESa4

Find our awesome citrus-powered synthetic CLP at: https://adigaarmory.com/shop/

The firearm in this video was a Savage Rascal .22LR



  1. I was looking to order a rascal from Savage, so I checked for problems that might exist. Thank you for your channel and how do I order up your cleaning oil.

  2. I got 2my god best 22 rifle ever made got over 60 thousand round never clean them they are dead on yes the sight alway louse up but shit I paid 100 dollar what the hell do you want I try the fix hay squid are have the fun get all line up dead on pull the trigger nothing L O L

  3. Same problem they sent a new pin but same problem. So to the bench I go. Thanks

  4. savage has been horrible in my experience in helping customers with their own mistakes that left the factory. They will not fix their own major mistakes! Side note I hear you can use a magic eraser on your Spyderco UF rod 😉 I love mine but haven't used it recently on the ZDP-189 endura 4 I've been carrying lately. just using a sharpenel? 320/1200 grit diamond plate It does work however I'd like to get the diamond sharpmaker stones some day. Great video and great to hear your fix got the approval of your kid, haha!!

  5. Thank you so much for making this video. Did a quick test on a pulled bullet shell and it left a deep punch in the rim – awesome. I cut too much off mine, bad lighting – it’s almost “sharp” now, but so far so good.

  6. YouTube "age restricted" this video. Apparently, it is very Risqué.

  7. Tried the fix numerous times. The rascal still sucks!

  8. So glad you posted this video. Going to try this tomorrow. Also, just a word of warning to people about this rifle… The rear peep sight can walk out and get lost. Other than these two things, this rifle is sweet. Light weight, good trigger and waaaay more accurate than I would have imagined. My nine year old and I can put CCI standard velocities in squirrels eyes regularly.

  9. I just did this to my son's gun following the instructions in your video, it worked very well. Thank you!

  10. I have two of these for my daughters. On one the firing pin retaining roll pin came out quite easily, just tapped a pin punch with a screwdriver handle and it popped out without too much difficulty.

    The second one, oh my God. I have bent two pin punches and broken a third. At one point I was actually pounding on it with a 3lb deadblow hammer. I have tried to drill it out with a 1/16 titanium bit, no dice, looks like I may have to go to carbide. Wtf. Looking at forums, I'm only a little glad I'm not the only one.

    Sucks to hear that Savage isn't standing by their products! On the plus side my daughters are now aces at clearing malfunctions. :

  11. "otherwise, a good firearm" Really??? if you need to work that much unnecessarily to get it reliably going, that means it's garbage.

  12. I sent mine in and it came back working perfectly. I'll take a look at whether or not there was a firing pin alteration or not. But 100 times better. Edit: I take it back. It worked great at the range testing it with junk ammo. Terrible at home with mini mags. I grabbed a bunch of boxes of other ammo to see if something has a better tolerance for this unsafe design. I’ll report back eventually.

  13. Is this just a savage issue? I have a 308 and 223 both are savage axis and both commonly have striker issues

  14. I have a savage axis 2 223 h b doing Sam thing

  15. Just bought one for my daughter and I took it to the range yesterday for the first time. I have exactly same issue. Excellent videos btw. Keep up the great work!

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