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How To Repair A Broken Garage Door Hinge or Replace a Roller

Replacement Hinges on Amazon – See video for reference:
No. 1 Hinge: http://amzn.to/2eDk0ny
No. 2 Hinge: http://amzn.to/2eDn3vJ
No. 3 Hinge: http://amzn.to/2eLCV2O

You can repair or replace your garage door hinges or rollers easily even if you’re not that handy! This short video which shows you every step so you can do it yourself and save money.

Also learn about the different type of hinges so you get the right one for your repair job. This is the first time I’ve ever done this kind of repair and it was simple enough to do.

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  1. What do you do if the metal behind the hinge is chewed up? There’s about 10 holes in mine, it’s pretty well shredded.

  2. Incredibly helpful. Thank you!

  3. Hi I noticed a broken #1 hinge on the left side and am about to change it. Would you recommend changing #1 hinges on both sides or just the broken one should be okay?

  4. please clean the roller axle and regrease it before replacing. Lithium grease should be good.

  5. Thanks. A $5 hinge from home depot just saved me a ton of money.

  6. Thank you. Your video helped me do it by myself. If any women are intimidated don’t be. It’s really easy and like he says use the old screws because the one w the kit are different and you’re just making your life hard. Just follow what he does😊

  7. So you I can replaced 1,2and 3 is ok thank you your time help

  8. Hello buddy I need help..my garage door hinges from left and right at bottom that is number 2,3and4 I don’t have issues about it..and I show you you tube I see they is 1,2and 3

  9. Had the same problem with the number 1 hinge right side, the repair man charged me €50 labour and to weld the broken part. He said new ones are hard to come by

  10. Awesome video ….My mom's garage door was making that crazy breaking noise…figured out what broken and google videos and found your 🙂….. explained very well ….I'm a girl and it an easy peasy fix ….thank you 🌻🦋

  11. My parents had this issue at their house and called a repair guy.. he charged $150 and did the job in 15 min. I wish they would have called me first

  12. Thanks man you just saved me $150 service call

  13. If you look at the garage door hinge screws you will notice that they are serrated indented hex washer sheet metal screws. The head is designed to hold without a washer. I believe the use of the washer defeats the design and purpose of the screw.

  14. This video is amazing! Thought I was going to have to call the garage door company. Now thanks to you and this video, I’m planning a trip to Lowe’s instead.

  15. Great video, solved my problem and saved a lot of money!!!! Very east to do, although my new bracket was a bit shorts then the old one, but made it work

  16. Don't do the very bottom/outboard hinges….these have the cables attached under tension…..

  17. Why do you have 7inch shafts on top and bottom of the door when the 4 inch ones work fine sence there’s no double hinges on top or bottom

  18. Excellent video. Got to the heart of the subject right away. I knew what to do in only few minutes. Bravo.

  19. Dude, this video is awesome. Just noticed a pop on the garage door, on a home we literally bought two days ago; first time home buyers, too. LoL I'm a DIY guy, so I would've figured it out, but this saved some time. Thanks man!

  20. Thanks, very useful. Maybe you should have wiped the roller shafts with a rag to remove old dirt and lube.

  21. Upvoted. Good video, DESPITE the Dracula fingernails.

  22. Did this today! Replaced two #1 hinges. Maybe the easiest repair I've ever done 🙂 Thank you.

  23. Thanks!! Very clear instructions. I'm heading to Home Depot now…

  24. I think you need a better impact

  25. It's about $250 video Thank you sir!

  26. the reason the hinge has a long slot for the fasteners is so you can centre hinge between panels , if centred properly the hinge will not break like the set you replaced

  27. Very helpful video. Changed the broken #2 hinge on both sides (rollers came in a 2 pack) so I figured it’s best to change both. Took 15 minutes.

  28. Any idea how to do this if you can't lower the garage door? Mine is stuck in the up position and won't roll down because of a snapped hinge. Thanks.

  29. Thanks for the great video, going to replace the same hinge.

  30. Cut your fingernails, weirdo.

  31. For your next video, show us how to use a fingernail clipper, or…do you…not…know…how…?

  32. Great video. Thank you very much!

  33. Thank you for your video. There are 90% homeowners who never clean their garage doors, me too.

  34. You didn't repair the hinge, you replaced it.

  35. Thank you for your video. I just replaced the # 1 hinges on my garage door which were both in very bad shape causing my door to buckle on one side!. Who says a woman can't take care of herself!! The only thing you didn't explain is how to engage the garage door to the motor again. That would be helpful for someone like myself who is a novice to these types of things. I did check another Youtube video to find out how to do that so now am all set and door works fine again!

  36. Can u used a different size hinge or that will be a problem what on the door is small hinge the one they sell at the store is half the size bigger

  37. Thanks!. I replaced hinge #2 in less than 20 minutes with the help of your video.

  38. Nice! When I replaced my top brackets the thing was bent into a literal smile and the rollers had lost their ball bearings from the use

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