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How is Hail Damage Repaired with Paintless Dent Removal

How is Hail Damage Repaired with Paintless Dent Removal
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0:00 How Paintless Dent Repair Can Fix Hail Damage
0:06 Excel Dent Removal | Auto Hail Repair Company
0:10 Will DIY Hail Repair Work
1:03 Explain Hail Dent Size
1:40 How To Push Out Hail Dent
3:29 How To Repair Hail Dent Under Brace
4:55 Finished Hail Damage Dent Repair
5:18 Professional Paintless Dent Repair
5:31 Visit Excel Dent Removal For Hail Damage Repair in Minnesota


So you want to know how Hail Damage is repaired with paintless dent repair.
Today I am going to show you the professional way that we take hail damage dents out from a car using PDR. There are some DIY Dent Repair methods that may work for you but most probably won’t. You may have heard of using dry ice to take dents out or heating up the dent with a hairdryer and using a can of compressed cold air and that’s gonna pop the dents out for you, maybe you can just pop them out with a plunger or suction cup. I have even heard people say they just leave it out in the hot sun and this will cause the dents to pop right out. The problem with these methods is you may run into issues with damaging the paint.

Using Paintless Dent Repair to take out the hail dents is the preferred method recommended by vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies.

First off you can see underneath the hood that there is a bigger dent that is out in the open. We’ve got a special PDR tool with special tips on it that we use to get on the underside of the panel and then we will likely just push up the metal.

With this method of paintless dent repair you could try to do-it-yourself but if you don’t have any experience with it could be difficult because of the hand-eye coordination that is needed. We use our special PDR lights to know exactly where we are pushing the dent from underneath and we make several small little tiny pushes pushing up every little spot.

Some people have come to me and said they tried to remove the hail dents themselves and they have just caused further damage that may not be able to repair anymore with PDR. What happens is if you get in there and you push on the dent and you think you just gonna pump it out you actually bust the paint by pushing too hard or you can make little marks in the paint or in the metal from pushing too much.

See this video about DIY Dent Repair https://youtu.be/zSlAHr_uqgM

There is your demonstration on how to fix the hail damage with paintless dent removal. If you try the DIY Dent Removal method and it just didn’t work out for you or your vehicle got hail damage and you just want the professionals to fix it for you, then give me a call here at Excel Dent Removal over in Blaine Minnesota. My phone number is 763-780-4000 or just visit me on my website at https://www.exceldentremoval.com/hail-damage-repair/

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More info about #haildamagerepair : http://napdrt.org/for-consumers/the-hail-claim-process/

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Does Insurance Cover Auto Hail Damage? https://www.exceldentremoval.com/does-car-insurance-cover-hail-damage/


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How is Hail Damage Repaired with Paintless Dent Removal


  1. Has your car received hail damage in the recent storms in St Paul and Minneapolis?
    Then come visit our Minnesota PDR Shop in Blaine. https://g.page/r/CZjnnYVmYMSkEAE

    Then Check Out this article about what you need to know about your hail damage claim

  2. I notice nobody talks about how much this costs which scares me. How much??

  3. Great information! How much does this cost? Do paintless dent repair places charge by the dent?

  4. Car dealers use that line, " the heat of the summer will pull out the dents" or those dents will be easy for you to remove. If the dents will be easy to remove then why don't you remove them before selling someone the car.

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  6. In what scenarios would you have to heat the diameter? I see a lot of videos with technicians doing that.

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  8. This is the best explanation. Thanks!

  9. Can you get hail dents out of exterior black chrome window trim with your paint less dent repair?

  10. How much does this cost to have done by you? I have small shallow dents on my hood from Thursdays hail storm

  11. Would've been more interesting if you had given an up close a well lighted panoramic view of the finished repair, instead of a distant low lit one sided angle of the finished repair.

  12. nice! what is the price of that repair?

  13. What is the cost? Is it a per dent?

  14. About how much did you charge to remove the dents

  15. Hi…i just bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla and didn't realize when i bought it, that it looks like it may have some hail damage, maybe small hail, that pockmarked the paint, and the paint has come off and there is rust in the small spots…Is the only way to cover those up, (for the protection of the paint peeling and rusting), to get a paint job, or is there a DIY way to do it….?….i can't afford a paint job….Thank you….

  16. Hello.where are the first pushes ?? In the center ?

  17. Great video and thank you for the detailed explanation.

  18. How much do these tools usually run someone

  19. I am guessing that this wouldn't work so well with vehicles form an earlier decade, like the '40s, '50s and 60s because of the heavier construction?

  20. Tons of tent hail repair places opened up here in Texas after the hail storm. I’ve always wondered how they take care of those dents.

  21. Best video by far!! Thanks for sharing

  22. How do you do dents in the roof? Remove the inside padding of the ceiling?

  23. where do you find the kit for under the brace dents

  24. Who's here from Rusty78609?

  25. Thanks for the video; is there any risks of damaging the clear coat whit this process? It might be noticeable now, but would the paint/clear coat be impervious to color change for years to come?

    Thanks again!!


  26. This a good video. I remember watching it a couple years ago. Lots of views!

  27. how much did this cost for about 50 dents

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  29. very good best guy i've seen showing & explaining how, onya mate!

  30. The only video on YouTube that shows the right way.

  31. It takes forever! Im learning glue pulling. Im pretty much terrible with the rods at the moment. However i am getting quarter size dings down to a pinchmark the size of a dime often. PDR is very hard and im pretty good with my hands, sculpting, etc and struggling. I wanted to let a pro do it but my car wasnt worth much just cause of age. It was in near perfect condition before the hail storm. Rear bumper clearcoat was starting to fade and thats it. Anyway my insurance totalled the car due to the amount of tiny dings. After buying it back i realized its a salvage title now so i have to get it inspected….lol. No broken windows just about 400 dime to baseball size dings. But needs inspection and rebuilt title in order to be registered. So after about no joke 30 hours of glue pulling and 4 hours of rod nonsense its starting to look good. Sadly i overpulled some dents and made some oil cans in the beggining and will have to drop my headliner to get somthing like a wedge anvil in there to pound the nonsense down but better. I would say equivilent to the best of the worst new pdr techs….lol.

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  38. THANK YOU! You actually showed underneath what you were doing unlike many other videos here. I would like to learn this myself. When you are pushing are you pushing right in the middle of the dent or do you start from the edge of the dent and work in? Also where do you buy the tools and what brands or ones do you use? Thanks

  39. For smaller dents, does leaving the car in the sun actually work?

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