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There are a ton of videos out there that show you how to install a Booster Strap, but we wanted to make one short and concise so that’s exactly what this is. Hope it helps you install yours to ski better and have more fun.


  1. I should probably buy these because if i go skiing for more than 2 days in a row i get shin bang

  2. The method to align the strap is inadequate.
    Instead, after removing the old strap, put your boots on and tighten them just like you would for skiing.
    Wrap the Booster Strap around the boot and tighten and align the s
    so that the elastic portion is centered on the shin and then mark the desired strap position on both the strap and boot shell so the position can be identified .
    Remove boot and align the mark on the boot and strap. After aligning vertically so that the strap is centered over a boot fastener hole, make the hole through the strap.
    If there is A second fastener required to secure the strap, then you can accurately make the hole through the strap after installing the first fastener.
    This removes all of the guesswork from the alignment process.

  3. What size do I get if I am a really aggressive racer/expert but I weigh 110

  4. At the risk of looking like a "total Jerry" (whatever that means), for most people, if the strap need adjustment it is far easier to adjust on the INSIDE of the boot. I have the old version and for the longest time I put the buckle on the outside and always felt like I had to get crunched up to tighten or loosen it. Finally I got smart and flipped them. SO much easier. I suppose if installing them on the boots they are cooler looking. But hey… don't you put your snowpants over the tops anyway???? One more thing… A heated (hot) awl or punch, can be used to burn the holes into the strap, sort of "corderizing" the stap so it won't fray at those points (assuming it has nylon content).

  5. What if my boots have rivets holding the strap on?

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