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How to Get GOLD FAST in Red Dead Online! The Best and Only Ways To Earn Gold (RDR2)

How to Get GOLD FAST in Red Dead Online! The Best and Only Ways To Earn Gold (RDR2) SUBSCRIBE and DROP A LIKE! In this video, I will be giving you guys the ULTIMATE GUIDE how to get gold fast in Red Dead Online. In this video you’ll find the best tips and tricks and the best ways to get gold fast in Red Dead Online. This is all great news and information and tips and tricks for those who need to get gold fast for the Red Dead Online as Red Dead Redemption 2 Online New Updates will be releasing soon and I know some new (or old) viewers may be looking for the ultimate guide to get gold fast and get gold quick and easy to buy the upcoming new roles, content and the third outlaw pass. I hope you guys enjoy and make sure to drop a like if you found these tips helpful as well as subscribe if you want more daily Red Dead 2 videos. Please leave your thoughts in the comments of your own Red Dead Online get gold fast secrets and what you do to get gold easy and quick in Red Dead. Thanks for watching, gang!


Ultimate Gold Bar Fast Spreadsheet (Red Dead Online Gold Bars FAST)

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  1. Best video I've watched from you that suits my game goals; thank you.

  2. Pk tu mens je joue une heur même pas 3 gold à part si tu te fais chié

  3. My daily streak reset after day 28 now i start again at day 1 But i never missed a daily

  4. I am on PlayStation and need help ranking up, I keep getting picked on for being a low level 🙁

  5. Im new to the game I really do like it but almost everything needs gold and these guy sounds really. Cool 😅

  6. I do love bounty hunting, got me all my new weapons

  7. I just wanna get a bounty license

  8. I went to the PlayStation store and purchased two packs of 25 gold bars and after that I bought a ps plus subscription so the I log in and see that the gold isn’t in my account

  9. Do derserve to be bossy bc I headshot NPCs and player’s no joke also I help my bestie get money by we bounty hunting doing challenges missions and always remember to loot✋🏻🖖🏻👇☝️👊🤞✌️🤟👌🤜🤛👐🤝

  10. Does any one know if becoming a bounty hunter is worth it and is being hornble matter

  11. I buy bounty hunter role only 5 gold bar only 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. i cant believe the bounty hunters license is 15 gold

  13. I hunt for a living in the game and I want to try something new

  14. how do you even get a treasure map

  15. This game Turnerd like 180° from being nice to boring . for from being the wild west out law to being the pathetic homeless grinding for gold to open a new work place I even didn't start anyshit. Just bought the hinter table now it needs another 25 gold bars for the blackberenner place like wtfff

  16. “Oh, the moonshiner role seems interesting!”

    Rockstar: that’ll be 8 years of your time please!

  17. I rather play this game than GTA
    Is les stress and I can play in a regular lobby without anyone kiling me .

  18. Honestly I feel the roles shouldn’t cost gold should be $ gold bars should be tied to special vendors that sell clothing weapons and other stuff etc…. that would be pretty ideal imo cause the gold grind in this game is super slow and makes newer players quit which sucks man cause when a new player joins they wanna unlock some roles without swiping a credit card to unlock lol or just make a couple roles cost regular money like “bounty hunter” and “Moonshiner” I feel that would attract a lot of new players to stick around for the long run

  19. Watching a year later, All this still work?

  20. I met a cheater online who spawned many chest front of me. Made 10 gold in 10 sec and never get banned, Thank you buddy

  21. I just want to be a trader and I don’t have 25 so I’m kinda stuck

  22. I was so dissapointed when i found out that i need 15 gold bars to be a bounty hunter

  23. I just bought the game… xD

  24. I just want to be a bounty hunter

  25. rdr online is like playing a mobile game

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