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How to Install Linux for Beginners

This video goes over installing Linux for the first time. I will break it down into 3 parts:
1. Choosing which version of Linux
2. Installation Process
download ubuntu – https://www.ubuntu.com/download
download rufus – https://rufus.ie/en_IE.html

3. Basic configuration

Choosing the right version or flavor of Linux
-Latest Ubuntu Desktop LTS

Installation Process
– Downlaod ISO for ubuntu
– Create a USB Thumb drive
– Install

Basic Configuration
-Installing Software

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  1. I could always install Ubuntu but after booting it the 3rd / 4th time it gets stuck on booting

  2. Sooo. Has it ran out already? 🤔

  3. Best Linux app to run windows apps please…I'm tired of Windows and its bloat….I have a 5800X3D and a RX 6800 and want to run games smoothly

  4. 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

  5. when i follow these videos and do the exact thing the video is saying , nothing ever looks the same on my computer.

  6. @2:46 What happened?? My disk drive loaded then it said it was unrecognizable, I think you skipped some steps

  7. Yo thanks it fixed my win 10 white screen of death

  8. ca i download linux outside of a Virtualbox?
    I am trying to not have a bulky computer for this.
    Any alternatives?

  9. So how do i make my usb a regular usb after this without it messing up my pc?

  10. Lol he skipped partitioning. Haha. Incomplete video.

  11. Fabulous! I will convert all of my old computers.

  12. I plan on buying a new PC with no operating system, how do I install Linux without an operating system on the new PC in the first place?

  13. What is dcongf editor and the likes?

  14. Is Linux os the same as Ubuntu os

  15. Can i remove pendrive after booting

  16. Is true that L:inux can't get viruses? or is false?

  17. trying this on my xbox wish me luck

  18. How to turn it off and open my Windows?

  19. I installed the linux system but somehow my wifi network is not working.

  20. Be Careful with this tutorial…… I’ve just deleted my windows and installed Linux over it. Lost all my data. This video needs to be clear on this…….

  21. There seems to be a chunk missing where you have made your drive and then magically appear at the install screen. Confusing. I seem to have missed a step.

  22. Ok so how do i get to this screen? ??????? beginner guides are usually STET BY STEP. Just saying

  23. I remember in 2003 how hard to install lunix without someone show you.
    Thanks again.

  24. And how to get Windows back without any Data-loss?

  25. Gotta make videos without using hardrive

  26. Here I am 11/14/2022…guess I'll wait a couple months before I try lol

  27. Actualizat aplicația Google

  28. 1) learn linux

    2)learn coding

    3) learn coding in more than one language

    4) learn concepts of networking

    5)learn more os

    6) learn cryptography

    7) learn more about hacking

    8) experiment a lot

    9) write vulnerability

    10) contribute to open source security project

    11) continue never ending learning

    12) join discussions and meet hackers

  29. Yo yo yo
    After adding iso in pendrive…
    What to do…
    How did that boot menu opens up I am confused?🤔

  30. After i complete the process in rufus, linux doesn't popup like in the video. anybody has the same problem?

  31. What if I want to do a dual boot?

  32. Does it immediatly launch Ubuntu as soon as it finishes the download or can i take the USB and launch it on a laptop with no OS

  33. Rufus is terrible software..I installed linux mint but decided to remove it ..it locked my hard drive so I couldn't access it ..had to erase disc by taking it out and use hard drive destruction software

  34. once I install Linux I can use the flash drive normally right?

  35. I am having some troubles but I'll figure it out

  36. Thank you very helpful ☺️ 😊 keep up the great work

  37. I have been looking for a vid to help me switch from Windows 10 to Linux. I'm looking forward to Living Linux now.

  38. Ive never personally ran linux. I finally decided to check out an install video. I think im gonna install it on a couple Junk machines I have here now that I see the OS in action. Gives off a big raspberry pi vibe

  39. when i install ubuntu the boot partition of windows is deleted
    how can we recover the windows boot partition
    please help

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