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Minecraft Bedrock: How To Fix Your BROKEN IRON FARMS! Tutorial! MCPE PC Xbox PS4

Welcome to another Minecraft Bedrock Edition tutorial! Today I show you how to fix your BROKEN IRON FARM in Minecraft Bedrock Edition! This video should work for almost any iron farm you have built, and by watching this you should know everything needed to fix most iron farms! 😀 I also go over all the base mechanics of iron farms on bedrock edition, so you can understand how it all works:) Thanks for watching this video! I hope you enjoyed! If you did, consider subscribing to help us reach 400k! 🥰

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0:00 Overview
1:22 Basic Iron Farm Mechanics
6:21 Trouble Shooting Techniques
6: 58 no golems or only cats
8: 33 golems spawning under/around farm
9: 39 golems spawning far away from farm
10:36 Advanced Iron Farm Info
14:09 Leader Of The Village & Terminology

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  1. Hopefully this helps you fix any issues you have with your iron farms! Always see a lot of peeps in comments having issues, and figured it would be a good idea to put all the info/troubleshooting into one video so you can get things up and running! 😋 This tutorial assumes you are trying to build an iron farm that is still functional in the current update. And this video isn't meant to have all information about every nitty gritty detail of how iron farms work, but I shared all the main important stuff that will likely affect you in game:) Have a great day! 😊

  2. Damn!
    Your video is perfect dont get me wrong.

    But i cant figure out how to fix my farm. It uses to work, then out of a sudden, none!
    I tried everything= Golems don't spawn elswhere, cat's aren't a problem ( none even spawn ( i tanned 2 and never had problems) ) Reseted bed( then worked for like 3 minutes but stopped again) reseted achery blocs but did nothing, no random villager is on top of it ( it's half underground). I did as you say, I made shure every villager accepts a bed, then a achery table, everything is just fine… I'm slowly getting sick of that somebody help !

  3. I've tried everything he said and the iron golems still won't spawn. My iron farm used to work until all my villagers somehow turned into zombie villagers. I've since replaced the villagers but the golems won't come back. It's so frustrating! What do i do?!

  4. I made sure they are all hooked up to bed and work station still nothing

  5. Thank you SO MUCH my iron golems kept on spawning really far away from my farm I got it fixed tysm

  6. Haelp! I've literally replaced all my beds and workstations.
    1. All my villagers can reach their stations
    2. I have 20 beds
    3. I have 20 villagers
    4. I have 20 workstations
    5. I destroyed everything, then replaced beds first then stations.
    6. Only cats spawn
    7. No iron golems escaped or are wandering elsewhere.
    I've got no clue what to do 🙁 kill all my villagers?

    Edit* I killed a few of my villagers, and golems started to spawn again.

  7. Thank you so much! So helpful!

  8. Thank you so so much i made your iron golem farm and it wasn't working so i looked at this and I found out that villagers had to have there work station right in front of them so I fixed that and now it works amazing!

  9. would love to see this updated!

  10. I fixed my farm and added 10 villagers and 20 beds, it was working but now I think a golem as wondered off, how do I find it? This is causing no more iron golems to spawn

  11. POV: you're here because you tried building a java farm in BE and now you feel stupid

  12. Your videos are awesome! Thank you!

  13. does the iron farm work in the work station is below them?

  14. Why is my iron farm only spawning cats? How do I fix it

  15. Oh my God it worked. I love you

  16. Hey do iron farm need a zombie so the villager get scared??

  17. THANK YOU! I almost lost hope. Breaking the workstation, and the trick you showed worked perfectly.

  18. Thank you I ban trying to make iron farm but I never got it to work

  19. Honestly your video on iron farm + trading hall is the answer to these problems. By having the trading hall, it keeps the villagers linked to their work stations easily which can otherwise be difficult to do on bedrock because of the order of villagers working. And it means I dont have to build two farms hundreds of blocks apart for what i want in one.

  20. I've been trying to fix mine. My farm have 47 villagers in it. 20 being fletchers and will spawn golems 24/7 and the others are trading villagers ( librarians, armorers, etc. ). The farm worked for a while, spawning 4 iron golems each. But it broke when I decided to get obsidian from a lava pit that was about 200 blocks away from my farm. Upon arriving to the farm, no iron golems spawned. I tried fixing it by making the room of the 20 fletchers bigger for them to properly reach their work stations. I've relinked all of the 47 beds on my farm and still no iron golems spawned. I tried going out of render distance and relogging but it still didn't worked. Idk what to do next.

    Edit : After writing this comment, I made a copy of my world and enabled cheats there, I decided to make day and night faster. After several minecraft days passed by, iron golems started to spawn. Bruh, I've been trying to fix it for the passed hour. Afked for about 30 min and no golems spawned. I'll be afking more on the original world and see if it'll work.

    Edit 2 : My farm is working now after afking for an hour. Idk what caused the farm to stop working but hey it works now lol.

  21. Right imma say it here I haven’t found a single iron farms that work in bedrock in Nintendo switch

  22. I know this is old and probably won’t get a response but I can’t keep my villagers from switching job stations. I have them in 1×1 cells with their job blocks directly in front of them and after a minecraft day or two it will randomly switch to one of the job blocks that too far away from them to work at. They have all been traded with and and locked in but I can’t get golems to spawn I’m assuming because of that. They are linked to beds as well 20 villagers. 20 beds. 20 jobs

  23. Do I need more beds if I have twenty villagers?

  24. Things I found out while making this… sometimes you may get to a point where you put workstations down in front of them but didn’t link them so for my car I had three groups of five and they were in separate little “cells” so to find the right villager to be linked I removed all workstations (sometimes villagers will keep their job which can make it a pain) and then I would place down one workstation, find the villager who got the link go back remove the workstation and then replace it in front of them rinse and repeat until all are linked) if still not working if they are in a single block try placing water in there

  25. All these iron farm fixes are complicated, especially if you're sticking to survival. It's best that I just keep mining.

  26. Super helpful everyone wants to teach how build a farm not how it works lol

  27. thx so much I accidentally made a java eddition farm so glad theres no zombies

  28. None of my villagers will link to the beds. They link but then unlink

  29. In your mega iron farm, crop farm, villager trading hall, villager breeder video you said if you got more than 20 villagers then just add more beds. I have about 30 villagers. The one on the top detecting beds, two in the crop farms, then 27 in the trading hall and im only getting cats. I had the villager breeder about 40-45 blocks away from the front side of the villager compound and everything still worked. I even had a bunch of beds by the villager breeder too and the iron golems still spawned in the farm. Then all of a sudden they stopped and i only got cats. Then they kept spawning on the ground that i covered in path blocks. I am just so stumped on why it worked fine with beds somewhere else at the breeder but then suddenly stopped working and now they wont link to any beds

  30. Does putting leaves around the area also prevent iron golems from spawning outside?

  31. my farm just randomly stopped working and i don't know why, i've tried replacing beds, workstations, killing all villagers but 2 and rebreeding, i've check the 16X6X16 area of caves and nothing helped, i don't know how to fix my village bc idk what went wrong does any1 know how to fix?

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