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How to Fix Quad & Patellar Tendon Pain |#AskSquatU Show Ep. 25|

In this episode, Dr. Aaron Horschig shows you how to fix your quad & patellar tendon pain.

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Dr. Aaron Horschig is the founder of SquatUniversity.com. A physical therapist, coach, speaker, and author of ‘The Squat Bible’, Dr. Horschig is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He works with such athletes as international soccer players, MLB and NFL athletes, national-level Olympic weightlifters, and youth athletes.

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  1. I got a quad strain running. In the beginning of my run it hurts but towards the end it’s okay. Should I keep running? I’ll give these exercises a try until then!🙏🏻

  2. I've been dealing with this for a week now – I did heavy leg presses, followed by long sprints on the treadmill – thanks to your video and exercises, I'm feeling a lot more flexible again, and the pain has gone down significantly <3 thank you!

  3. If only there was a way to declare this man a saint of fitness.

  4. Thanks for this. Been struggling with knee quad tendon pain for two months after I started weight lifting. Am I correct in the understanding that I can continue with my regular daily programme as well as regular weight load, but only after doing the rehab excercises?

  5. I’ve been out for 4 weeks. I haven’t done anything. I can almost walk without pain, but when I run pain shoots up my leg and top of knee area. What’s happening?

  6. Hi,

    I have been facing knee pain in my left leg for a couple weeks.

    I thought it was considering Quad tendon pain since its in the upper part of the knee. I did what you told in your video.

    I did weighted Bulgarian squat. It doesn't pain when I do Bulgarian weighted squat but when I do weighted squats, it kinda hurts.

    I am not sure what to do. Any opinions?

  7. Disc golf after taking some time off

  8. Okay this has been going on off and on I should have not worked out played ball . Absolutely brutal on my knee especially

  9. Can pin squats ( rest bar on safety) be used as an alternative to box squats? They seem similar

  10. wall sit
    single leg wall sit
    single leg bulgarian split squats
    squats on a chair

  11. Love your content Aaron. I appreciate all you do to educate people on injuries and pathologies and the best pathways to recovery!

  12. I have pain below the knee cap from past 4months.i play football professionally so it hurts while doing training and have pain whole day. Pain getting worse whole leg extension. i am following your exercises
    What should i do to recover faster?

  13. Should I workout my tendon everyday or take rest days?

  14. Idk, I was just doing in place jumping and then heard a big click in my left knee and a lot of pain. Not able to even fold it. I'm in my second day.

  15. heaviest week of my mesocycle my right quad tendon started to have some pain. Reduced the load slightly and things seem to be moving back to normal.

  16. i suffer from patellar tendinopathy since about 9 months ago and the thing is that the pain is tolerable, like doing everyday regular stuff is not painfull but i can feel that somethings not right with my knee. now when i do something like try to do a single leg squat or i have no option but to run somewhere and gotta get there quick i feel no pain right afterwards but the next day its so painfull i dont know what to do to heal this injury anymore, i went to a physical therapist but it was no help and now my only hope is learning from squat university and knees over toes guy who talks about training specific ranges of motion and doing a lot of reverse sled drags for the blood circulation to the knee

  17. We were beautifully and wonderfully created by Elohim, the Creator of the universe.

  18. I use to have sendentry lifestyle from few years, few months back I started to train as I like squats I do leg workouts two time a week that has triggered pain in upper knee tendon.
    I hate this as I love to squat a lot

  19. Should you be doing these correctives while still symptomatic?

  20. So I actually don’t have any pain, but a level 8 discomfort from how swollen it is. No pain, but a lot of tightness and inflammation. I coach volleyball and play beach volleyball; the knee is triggered when I’m in season coaching— lots of standing, walking around, more standing— maybe it’s the way I’ve been standing, but I never got this previously when I play in the sand. is that even a thing, quad tendinitis from standing? 🙄

  21. Bro ur a straight up w the diagnosis matched with exactly what happened to me and the exercises help a TON. Tysm bro ur the goat

  22. Dude legit. I stopped training for 4 weeks and today I come back to leg day and boom quad tendon pain

  23. What is I feel pain during these exercises ? Am I supposed to stop ?

  24. Just what I needed , thanks brother !

  25. Split squats are how i got knee oain in the first place haha

  26. Well I was mowing. Using my left leg more because my right leg is all screwed up for some reason lol maybe I should go see a doctor

  27. Finally someone who can help me understand what is going on. Above my knee started hurting when I stand up from a squat. Pain is horrible. If I squat through out the day my knee and lower thigh is sore. My knee does look. And swollen. And then my upper outer thigh and right knee feels tired and painful when I walk but goes away when i sit down. Not good for a mom who is trying to get things done and play with kids

  28. Definitely want to get my strength up to a point where I can run and sprint 5 times a day

  29. I’ve been training since I was 17 , 77 now . At 73 I had both knees replaced. Slowly got back into squats, leg press, cardio exercises. Had my 3 year X-ray and checkup , orthopedic doctor said they were pristine. The problem is I have is tendon pain to the point of not recovering for a week . The weird thing is I was doing better a year and half after my TKR’s then mow . I also hike a lot. Trying to figure out what I should do in my situation. I’ve even tried hip squats and extensions 🤔

  30. Gardening! Seems silly but the intense week/weeks of spring of getting everything ready and planting thousands and thousands of plants (moving in deep squats in unintentional ways for hours on end) will almonst always be tough on my quadriceps tendon. This year I thought I had done a good prehab-protocol but it was still tender and upset… but recovering faster at least. Next year I will be doing mot heavy loaded excercices in end range to "prep". For gardening! Haha!

  31. I was at sky zone and I tried to do a trick where I would jump on the trampoline and land on my knees and then go into a flip. My quad tendon has been hurting ever since, you mind recommending any other exercise

  32. I developed this pain after a few weeks of riding my bike 2 miles to the park, doing step ups onto a bench seat and lateral stair climbing and descending. I assumed it was the cycling overuse because of how much I pushed myself after being sedentary for a couple of years. I'm in the 2-3 week stage. I wasn't alarmed at first because I thought it was a general soreness. I don't have access to a squat rack or plates. Are there any other body weight exercises I can do to help this? Thanks for the information!

  33. 5 x 45 second slight wall sit (activate quads)

    5×8 Single leg squat

    5×8 Box squat

  34. I got this exercise while running for a match i was wondering if i could heal in acouple of days because i only had it for like a day or two and i wanna get back to training real quick

  35. I’ve had quadricep tendinitis in my left knee for about two years now

  36. Sudden reactive pain due to unexpected load is exactly what happened to me! What set off my knee pain was adding tennis and horseback riding to my normal weightlifting routine. They had never hurt this bad when I was only weightlifting for more than 6 years. I’m currently slowing things down to doing only one sport per day (I was doing two most days which really messed my knee up).

  37. Im currently dealing with this. I’m a 25M doing fitness for a year and a half now and i started squatting back in january 2023 (bad form, bad shoes and a lot of grinding). I started to feel knee pain (like on the video on both knees and on the right knee (on the inside) at the end of february. The pain isn’t consistently here but it comes and goes for 2 months now. At the beginning i stopped training legs for a few weeks but i the pain was still here from time to another (without training i would wake up one day and my right knee would hurt me) the, i decided to go see a specialist we did some isometric exercices i felt good at the beginning and get back to training on the specialist advise without lifting heavy but the pain is still coming back at least once a week. What’s your advise for me?

  38. I can only do the box squat with like 30lbs without breaking form and going slow enough. Is that enough to help it heal? My tendon issues have been going on for 4 months and it’s made me very weak.

  39. It makes sense to me that you need to load the tendon to stimulate it. So, why is it that orthopedic surgeons tell you to avoid loading the tendon?

  40. I cannot believe this. I had an injury in September 2021. No tendon or meniscus tears, just "tendonitis" and possible "fat pad impingement". I have spent thousands of dollars in physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathy trying to heal this. Not to mention my time spent RICE-ing this injury. I was compliant and put in the work – but ~18 months of minimal improvement I stumbled on this video.
    In 3 weeks, I have gone from taking ibuprofen daily to manage day-to-day 8/10 pain to a 2/10 and back to yoga (albeit some modified poses).
    I feel like I have my life back and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot thank you enough.

  41. what does it mean if walking or standing causes the majority of my knee pain and exercise isn’t as bad?

  42. Thank you. This information is very helpful and well explained. Very grateful 🙏

  43. I have, what I believe is a Vastus Medialis or tendon attachment issue. Last month for the first time in 11 years I hit 565 on the deadlift without grip failure. Squats I normally do not feel in my knee, however two weeks ago I felt a pain in my right knee. It was week two of a ten-week periodization on the squat so I went light and hit 325 pounds for 5 at near rock bottom ass to grass depth without wraps, belt or anything. The right side has some type of hip issue. The upper gluteus is tight. The floor of the Bloink is crooked making the right side higher on a rubbery matted floor. The weight when heavy creates tightness on that side. Then I deadlifted week one 425 for 5, but compensation for the crooked floor, Week 2 was 445 also for 5, even with the knee wrapped. My knee was week and sort of Buckly on the stairs out of the gym, I limped but without any real pain a few seconds and then walked without an issue. It is a weird injury, If I lean forward like a one-legged Rumanian deadlift position a sharp pain in the top of the kneecap, not the cap itself but the flesh just where it connects to the leg. My right hip is also much tighter than my left. I have very powerful abdominals and psoas but might be more limited in my side oblique work because holding the heavy kettlebells for side planks bother my injured right shoulder, Certain hip stretches bother my knee and cause a sudden inner hamstring tightness. What do you think is going on? How do you think I should fix it? Also, for many reasons my health rides on being able to powerlift and I am 53, never used drugs and squats are king. Please give any advice you might have. I also notice every time I hit a PR in something lately, something else gets injured throwing me back, 565 for the first time in 11 years so……..What do you think?

  44. Should you do quad stretches with quad tendonitis?

  45. Is it common to only have pain when warming up but not at 80-90% max load.

  46. I didn’t knowingly injure my knees, l woke up one morning and both knees were painful across the JIONT and behind, but the calf muscles and both my quads / hamstrings were as hard as stone, two days later my left knee returned to normal but my right knee was terrible, l couldn’t bare weight going up / down stairs or even getting into the car, 6 weeks later after treatment from my osteopath it improved, l gave no JIONT issues, my tendons were / are too tight lifting the Patel’s up into the JIONT so it clicks so badly, l recently had treatment from a friend who is a sports therapist and she was an animal 😊 the massage was great but painful as she stretched everything, it’s much better but l need another treatment,l am 68 and love weight training, have trained for 6 years, l now need corrective footwear as l am flat footed, thank you for your advice too , regards Andy 🇬🇧

  47. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. As a Body Conditioning high school teacher/ coach, I appreciate and learn so much from you

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