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How to Fix Apple Watch Battery Issues! (Improve Apple Watch Battery Life!)

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How to Fix Apple Watch Battery Issues!

Welcome to my video about how to fix battery issues with your apple watch. In this video I’ll be going over ways to increase your daily apple watch battery life and how to fix battery issues some people seem to have where their apple watch battery doesn’t seem to last long enough.


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  1. 2 minutes that’s how long mine lasts I think it’s good!!

  2. Thank you so much!!! My series 6 was having battery issues.

  3. Restart you say wow why didn’t I think of that…. if someone was that dumb they didn’t already do that then f them

  4. what is battery life while using outdoor cycling for 50 hours and above

  5. SUPERB VIDEO !!! Great explanations and illustrations, all presented at a perfect pace. THANK YOU! — 🙂

  6. I had series 4 and used it just as a normal watch with no notification, no music, no text, no phone calls, still last less than 8 hours. Done with Apple Watch!! I am using Garmin 6x Pro Solar, wearing it day and night, in the out shower, to bed, last for 21 days with the same way of wearing with my series 4

  7. I recommend doing a nuclear reset, deleting a couple of the stock faces, and turning off always on/raise to wake

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