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How to Fix “BAD” Hood / Fender Gap FAST & EASY ! DIY Auto Restoration

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  1. Very nice work and Happy thanksgiving to you

  2. what did you spray up inside the quater for rust prevention on the seam weld?

  3. Awesome video just like all of them wish I would have found your channel last year! I can do the metal work that you show but I have learned so much from you on way better tools to use plus I am know where as good as you lol your work is perfect and you do it fast! God bless you, brother, and keep the videos coming please.

  4. A video from Robert… unexpected Thanksgiving treat!🙏🏽

  5. Happy thanksgiving Robert
    Keep up the good work

  6. Great vids. You do fine work. Happy Turkey day!

  7. Excellent tutorial. I had the exact same problem with an aftermarket fender fitting my OE hood on my 62. I also had terrible line matching with the aftermarket panel to my OE headlight trim panel. That was the point where I got POed and repaired my original fender (collision damage and minor rust). I plan to resell the aftermarket panel on FB marketplace.

  8. Is it even worth buying after market parts or should I just find the original?

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Robert. This is another video I'll be watching many times. Of course I have to skip all the videos of girls shaking their boobs that keep coming up on YouTube.

    I really love your work.
    I appreciate you sharing your skills

  11. Love your content, my dude! Happy Thanksgiving!

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