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How to Fix Android Calendar Virus Warning Problem?

How to fix the Android Calendar Virus Warning problem? Are you receiving virus warning alert through your android calendar? In this video, you will see how to remove the android calendar virus warning. Cybercriminals and online fraudsters keep inventing new methods to trick users into the scam. The Android calendar virus warning is one of them. They create several events in your android calendar app, which keeps showing notifications.

MalwareFox Android Antimalware- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.malwarefox.antimalware

The video has the following points-
00:00 Intro
00:16 What is Android Calendar Virus Warning?
00:58 How does Android Calendar Virus Warning Spread?
01:28 What are the Risks of Android Calendar Virus Warning?
02:11 How to Remove Android Calendar Virus Warning?

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  1. Get rid of hidden Spyware! Download now > https://www.malwarefox.com/free-download/ (official website) ✅

  2. Thank you bro your your video helped me today cause this problem is suddenly happened withy my calendar thank you bro 🥰🤩🙏

  3. Omg !
    Thank you so much if my dad have seen that he would took my phone and never give it to me thank you so much !

  4. 1 question the virus it can eliminated or only with this optiobs to hide

  5. Thank u the information was really valuable and useful💓💓

  6. Hey dude, i clicked on that link because i thought it was real, then it brought me to a google page so i realized it was fake, i didn't download or click anything exept for the link, so am i safe or not?

  7. Thank you! I have deleted. They are not disturbing.

  8. Bruhh My calendar said I have 8 days but after 8 days nothing happend bruhh

  9. Tnx this actual helped alot ur a saver

  10. Where are they from? India? 💀

  11. Omg it helps me alot thank you so much

  12. Thanks A LOT. I really thought that something bad was gonna happen to my phone.

  13. But after 4 or 5 months don't we have any problems?
    Please tell me!

  14. I didnt even notice the link lol

  15. Hey Thanks a Million. It worked for me. People take my word it really solved my problem with Calender.
    I subscribed for future remedies.

  16. Thanks you 'yes' I remove virus💟

  17. Can anyone help me to remove local account from Google Calendar

  18. Hey I need help it's not working

  19. The virus event in my tablet is not created by google calendar.
    Is it not good?

  20. If i dezactivated the gamil accounts on calendar is still gonna show me the warnings?

  21. I accidentally clicked the virus what should I do

  22. tysm man i saw it everyday its end next year

  23. LEGEND love to this guy😍💗💗💗❤❤❤

  24. Bro If u by mistake download the fake anti-virus what are the pros and cons plz tell

  25. I download 4 antivirus apps after seeing my Calendar, I was about to reset my phone. Thanks, man 💙

  26. 2:37 — There is no "my phone" tab in my application

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